25 Quick Egg Recipes for Healthy&Tasty Meals

egg recipes

Egg a day keeps the doctor away. Among the sea of egg recipes these are most wholesome, easy and quick egg recipes to prepare every day. It is a good habit to eat eggs daily because they are a great source of protein and full of important vitamins and minerals.

I like to eat a variety of foods, and I am not eat-only-hard-boiled-egg kind of person. I like it to be a whole meal. That is why I made a month-long list of egg recipes to rotate daily. Yes I know month has 30-31 day but sometimes life happens and you don’t eat eggs everyday, therefore


1. Egg&Banana Pancakes with blueberries

Let’s start this list with dessert. Because pancakes for breakfast, especially healthier version of pancakes is the best choice. Flour free and sugar free, but full of delicious flavours. With addition of fresh blueberry syrup. Hello favourite sunday breakfast.

2. Cheesy Cauliflower with Poached Eggs

Want to eat more cauliflower because it’s healthy but don’t know how to include it in meal? Ta-da I present you this lovely meal (which makes a great dinner). To be honest I rarely poach eggs it’s too much uncertainty about that business. Instead I simply boil them to medium hard so egg yolk is not runny but is still soft and creamy.

3. vEGGing Out

vEGGing Out

Click for recipe: vEGGing Out

Just look at those colorful vegetables. Don’t you just wish to eat them? This is another healthy meal that is full of all good things your organism needs. There are few changes I made to vegetable preparation. First always use fresh vegetables. Second prepare veggies so you immerse them in boiling water for 5 minutes, drain, salt&peper and drizzle with olive oil.

4. Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros

Click for recipe: Huevos Rancheros

For a mexican breakfast make these delicious eggs. Seriously it is so easy to make this dish just warm tortilla+fried eggs+spicy salsa=breakfast to wake up for.

 5. Sweet Pea&Egg Tortillas

Sweet Pea&Egg Tortilla

Click for recipe: Sweet Pea&Egg Tortilla

This one is my favorite, big tortilla fan over here. Under ingredients you will see edamame, those are green soya beans (like this) and if you can’t buy them just add more peas or chickpeas. Paste can be stored in fridge for few days so you can quickly prepare healthy and tasty breakfast or lunch to take to work.

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  1. Kate says:

    Wow, these look amazing! I’ll pin this for future reference.

  2. oh I really love your post. Ravioli Frittata is just my favourite that I have to try. Will pin and bookmark this so that I can refer these recipes in the future. Thank you for sharing this.

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