About Amelia

Hi there.

I suppose you are here because you’re wondering why I’m doing this, what is the purpose of this blog.

Well here is my agenda.

I read many stories of people starting a blog to escape 9-5. I am also one of them with one exception. My situation was much worse than 9-5. At my old job I was dreaming of 9-5 jobs. From my position they seemed like a vacation. I will not even tell you what my working hours have been, I don’t want to depress you.

When I finally broke free I had no safety net, no options. So I decided like many others to try this blogging game.

Choosing topic was easy breezy, personal development. It has been my focus since I know myself. But not just any personal developement.

Whatever I do I ask myself two questions: is this the most efficient way to do this and is it the easiest way to accomplish my goal. If the answer is no I start researching until I get both answers yes.

Here you will find a wide range of topics. Like productivity, motivation, fitness tips, healthy habits, learning hacks, occasional recipe ( because I like to cook and bake ) and many others.

You will find actionable tips and advises to start improving your life today!


Also, I would like you to know that from day one I am writing all the tactics I use to grow this blog. And when the time is right I will share them all with you, so you can also break free and live the life you want and deserve.


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