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How To Manage Your Time To Have More Time

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In today’s fast paced world time management is crucial.

Do you feel like your life is only work, eat and sleep? Do you wake up every morning knowing you will not get it all done?

Many of us actually have more free time than we think, we just organize it poorly. In this post I will try to help you learn basics of time management.

First calculate how much time you have. 24-(time at work)-(commute to and back from work)-(sleep)=not much time to waste it.

Time Management L1: Name the time wasters.

How much time in a day you spend on unnecessary activities. Lying around watching tv? That was my BIG time waster after eliminating it I ˝gained˝ few extra hours each day. Now I have time to read books from my to-read list.

Name your time wasters and eliminate them. It is easier than you think. You literally don’t have to do anything, or in other words you simply stop wasting time on unproductive activities. Stand up straight and tell to yourself: ˝No, I will not waste one more day!˝, and then go and do something productive.

Time Management L2: Efficiency is intelligent laziness.

Yes we live in fast paced world, but we have some perks because of it. There are many ways to save time on things we must do like shopping, cooking, cleaning.

One big time waste is doing groceries, no ones favourite job but it must be done, walking around long isles finding what you need, buying more than you need (and spending more money than necessary because of it), waiting in lines…

Sitting on comfy sofa, drinking coffee and ordering groceries online is much more appealing and saves time.

Don’t want to cook everyday, cook bigger portions and freeze.

There are so many ways to optimize daily chores. Write what you do every day and see how you can save time by optimizing repetitive activities.

Time Management L3: Work days.Free days.

Divide your week.

On work days you work, do chores, do your hobby, learn, read, exercise, clean…

On free days you relax, spend time doing nothing or doing anything you don’t do during work week. Go on a small trip. You don’t even have to leave the town, go to part of town you’ve never been before.

Point is to have work day routines and do all you must and want during week, so that on weekend you rest and recharge for the next week. Do something you never do during week, or even try doing something completely new. New experiences, no matter how small, release stress, rewire brain and improve mood. Make every weekend mini vacation for mind and soul.

Time Management L4: To-Do List.

Every month write a list of all your obligations and a list of all activities you would like/want to do in the next 30 days.

Make a weekly plans so you distribute equally all those activities throughout the week. You don’t have to do all in one day. Do everyday little bit of what you must and little bit of what you want.

Little by little you will complete your monthly list.

Making every day little steps is always easier than leaving until the last moment and having to do all at once, or worse giving up on plans and dreams.

Here I wrote more tips on how I make efficient to-do list.

Time Management L5: Reflect and improve.

At the end of every week take a moment to think about how that week went,how your life changed, are you happy with changes, where can you improve.

It is well-known fact that we learn best from our mistakes. Whenever you feel unsatisfied with yourself, don’t blame yourself and waste time feeling bad. Use that feeling to see how you can improve yourself.

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I would love to hear your opinion.
Write to me, ask questions, share your thoughts or worries and let’s all help each other be better versions of ourselves.
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  1. Honestly you didn’t say anything new, but i don’t know.. the way you write makes me want to actually stand up and do it..

    1. Sometimes the best solution is the most obvious solution.
      I’m so happy my words affected you. Hope you will keep this momentum and achieve all your goals.

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