oat recipes 2

20 oat recipes for energy boost&sharp mind

  I am constantly on the search for good oat recipes. Oat is one of my favourite ingredients for breakfast and snacks. It is amazing how such humble grain is so healthy. Not only...

egg recipes 4

25 Quick Egg Recipes for Healthy&Tasty Meals

Egg a day keeps the doctor away. Among the sea of egg recipes these are most wholesome, easy and quick egg recipes to prepare every day. It is a good habit to eat eggs daily because...

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7 Step Morning Routine For Motivation Boost

Motivation is the condition of being eager to act or work. It is so simple and yet we have such a problem to get motivated, like it’s some special skill only accessible to rare people.
So how do we become exiced about work?We need a right state of mind and body.