TOP 10 SuperFoods To Improve Brain Function

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7. Avocado

brain superfoodAvocado is a fruit that lowers blood pressure, promotes healthy blood flow which leads to healthy brain and reduces risk of dementia and depression. Avocado is also a caloric food so go easy on it but definitely include at least ¼ of an avocado a day.

Scrambled eggs and few slices of avocado will be energizing and healthy breakfast.


8. Dark Chocolate

brain superfoodDark chocolate (with at least 70% cocoa solids) is another great source of antioxidants, but also sugars and stimulants (like caffeine) so few cubes a day will be enough to reap the benefits. In moderate amounts can help regulate blood pressure and improve blood flow.



9. Pomegranate

brain superfoodPomegranate is fruit rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and a very strong antioxidant. It is sad that daily drinking of pomegranate juice can increase learning performance and memory. Also some researches show that regular consumption can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow.
Try making a juice or adding to smoothie or salads, also pomegranate will pair nicely with savory food.


10. Beet Root

brain superfoodBeets are one healthy vegetable too often forgotten. Strong antioxidant. Contains substances that increase blood flow to brain that improve brain functions. Additionally, beets and workout go hand in hand, while exercising it lifts your energy levels so you have better endurance.



brain superfood



Also I must mention green tea. It contains antioxidant that improves blood flow and small amount of caffeine. It is great replacement for coffee, it will give you mild but consistent brain boost (as opposite to coffee that gives you strong boost but when caffeine runs out it throws you down) and improve your focus, memory and mood.
It is proven that coffee early in the morning is not good for your health. Your brain sends ˝wake up˝ hormones naturally, but if you drink coffee your brain will stop sending those hormons. That means that you shut down one brains function and in turn you will always feel grumpy before drinking coffee. Now there is a way to go back to normality. This doesn’t mean you should not drink coffee at all, just not early morning. Let your organism do the work it has to do, and if it needs little help drink green tea instead.
I know it’s hard to go sleep early, we all want few more hours every day. But think about is it worth your health? We don’t see how much damage we make to our body every day until it’s too late. Recently I started going to bed 1 hour earlier than usually, gradually stopped drinking coffee and switched to green tea. Honestly I have never felt better and had more energy through the whole day. Before I would always have drop in energy and concentration around 2pm, now I am awake all day and full of energy.

Few more words before you go.
Only food is not enough. Food is for the long term benefits, so your brain function don’t decline rapidly with age. But you should also consider your water intake (80% of brain is made up of water and it’s crucial to keep that percentage), physical activity (for brain to function best it needs fresh blood supply, light jog, quick walk or 10 minute cardio will do the trick ) and some form of brain training such as variety of puzzles, chess, reading, writing. Also there are many mobile apps that can help you exercise your brain on daily basis with interesting games. to learn more check out 15 fun brain exercise.

superfood to improve brain functions
superfood to improve brain functions

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