110 Eye-Opening Journal Prompts to Encourage Self-Awareness

journal prompts for self awareness

The aim of journal prompts for self-awareness is to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your emotions and your actions.

People with developed self-awareness have the ability to analyze themselves from an outside perspective.


Sometimes it’s challenging to work through experiences and emotions. But regular journal practice proved to be quite helpful in such times.

So much so that, when you start a therapy, the first thing your therapist does is gives you journal prompts to write every day.


Developed self-awareness is important for: 

  • understanding your emotions
  • coping with emotions
  • learning to take responsibility for your actions
  • ability to explain reasons for your actions
  • awareness of your abilities and limitations
  • making realistic goals according to your abilities 
  • staying focused on task
  • having self-control
  • managing your time efficiently


Working through thoughts and emotions for raising your self-awareness, gets easier with the help of journal prompts.


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What is a journal prompt?

Journal prompt is any question, sentence or a phrase designed to encourage you to start a dialog with yourself and write about it in the journal.

A journal is a self development toolbox, and journal prompts are tools.


What makes a good writing prompt for self-awareness?

Journal prompts for self awareness have the purpose of proving to you that you have the control over your reactions, emotions, thoughts and ultimately your life.

Questions that make you think about your role in a situation.

Finish the sentence prompts that compel you to think deeper about a topic.

Lists that help you open up and get comfortable with writing about your most inner thoughts.

Any topic, sentence or a question, that raises to your awareness something that’s been in the hiding, makes a good journal prompt for self-awareness.  


How do you write a journal prompt?

You start by writing the first thing that comes to your mind. Then expand on it. You can write about your thoughts, reactions, emotions, hopes and difficulties.

The longer you write about one topic, more thoughts will emerge. Following those thoughts will open up your mind and allow you to see what else is there. You will get to know yourself. Become aware of yourself.

friendship quote






What thoughts do you have when somebody cuts the line in front of you?
How do you feel when you are about to try something new?
What is your first thought when you encounter an obstacle?
What thoughts go through your mind before you go to sleep?
What are the first thoughts you have when you wake up in the morning?
What do you do when you feel scared?
How do you encourage yourself when you feel scared?
What represents failure to you?
What does success look like for you?
How do you feel when you put yourself first?
How much do you trust your own judgement?
How do you feel when making big life decisions?
What motivates you to do your best?
What excites you?
How do you react to criticism?
What makes you angry?
How do you spend alone time?
How do you feel while thinking about the future?
How do you feel when others accomplish their goals?
How do you feel when you succeed at something?
How do you forgive yourself when you make a mistake?
How do you cope with stress?
How do you spend most of your free time?
How do you reason the decision to quit?
What makes you feel comfortable?
Which situations make you feel anxious?
How do you feel after spending half an hour on social media?
What does growing older mean to you?
How do you look after your physical health?
How do you look after your mental health?
If you were financially set for life what would you do?
What do you want to be remembered for?
What beliefs/fears are holding you back? 
What is your biggest struggle? 
How do you feel when you need to apologize?
What can make you feel embarrassed?
What makes you jealous?
How would you describe yourself to a complete stranger?
How do you deal with anger?
If you could erase one memory, which one would it be?
What are you looking forward to in the future?
What turned out better than you thought it would?
What turned out to be a big disappointment? 
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
What are the things you do better than people around you? 
What cheers you up on a bad day?
What do you do when you’re facing a problem?
What have your loved ones complained about you?
What do you want to change about yourself?
What is the worst you’ve done?
What is stopping you?
How is your relationship with your parents?
How are your relationships with siblings?
Do you keep people’s secrets?
Are you comfortable being alone?
How do you feel in the morning?
What do you love about life?
How do you talk with yourself?
What did you learn from your past mistakes?
What qualities, you think, make you a good friend?
When do you think it is ok to lie?



If I could be a go-to person for anything, it would be…
The quality I admire most in others is…
The thing that I’m most afraid to tell people is…
I’ve never talked to anyone about… 
I am…
My favorite memory is… 
My greatest achievement is… 
My biggest failure is… 
I worry that… 
I fear most…
A life well lived is… 
I never forgave… 
I wish I knew…
If I had more time I would…
If I had more money I would…
Looking at my face in the mirror, I think about…
Looking at my hands, I think about…
I wish I would be more… 
I’m ready to…
With practice, I believe I could…
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about… 
I always assumed that by now I would… 
There’s still time for me to… 
I’ve always felt too afraid to…
It’s taken me a long time to…
I’ve let my life be guided by…
I lose track of time when… 
Food to me is… 
I can’t live without… 
Most in the world I care about… 
Before my needs, are the needs of…
I admire…
In 10 years I see myself… 
My perfect day
My comfort zone
My dream job



Things that make me smile
I am grateful for
I am good at
My virtues
My flaws
My unhealthy habits
Life lessons I learned
Things that make me happy
Things that make me angry
Things that make sad
Things I would like to say no to
Things I would like to say yes to
People I admire


The purpose of this article is informational only. If you are going through a difficult time and have trouble coping, I encourage you to seek a professional therapist.

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