Feeling Sad? Here are 20 Feel-Good Activities to Make You Happy

feel good activities to be happy

CBT teaches us that our thoughts and emotions influence our behavior as well as our behavior influences our thoughts and emotions.

Happiness, just like all other emotions, is a response of the body to stimuli. Those stimuli can come from inside (thoughts) or outside (changes in environment).

By doing certain activities you are stimulating your brain to produce happy hormones like serotonin and endorphin.



When you’re feeling sad, engage in one of these feel-good activities to make yourself happy

1.Get out

Fresh air, movement and change of scenery will activate different parts of brain and consequently change perspective. Seeing the world moving will make you aware that no matter what is happening now it will pass and everything will be good.

20 tips to be happy


Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and dream. Imagine yourself in your own utopia world, how do you feel, what do you do. Dream about having a pet dragon, the further you go from reality the better. Did you know that imagining increases IQ, and that people with big imagination are most intelligent people? Think about it.

3.Move your body

Dance, exercise or just jump around. Do anything to shake your body, it will release endorphins (feel-good hormone).


You don’t have to be artist to doodle. You can make lines, shapes, spirals, whatever you feel right in the moment. Some studies show that only 15 minutes of doodling elevates your mood and relieves stress.



5.Eat a banana

It’s a happy fruit, it even looks like a smile.

20 tips to be happy

6.Eat chocolate

Because chocolate is always the answer (but not too much, then it becomes a problem).

7.Go out for an ice cream

Because ice cream is also sometimes the answer.

I know there are three food items on this list, but that is only because food will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

8.Animal therapy

Watching videos of funny animals ALWAYS helps. In just 5 minutes not only will you be happy, but you’ll be rolling on floor laughing. Or play with your pet if you have one.

20 tips to be happy

9.Listen music

Music works wonders to lift your spirit. Happy tunes only. And sing loudly.

10.Color therapy

Yellow is said to be optimistic, happy color. Take watercolors and make some “art” using only happy colors like yellow. Paint freely like a child, without expectations or judgement, just for the fun of it.

20 ways to be happy

11.Listen to comedians

Listen to stand-up comedy. They devoted their whole lives to making people happy. Let them make you happy.

12.Make a good deed

Helping somebody is the most noble way to happiness.

13.Think positive and be grateful.

This is sure way to change your mood positive thoughts and remembering all good things you have in life is best therapy.

20 tips to be happy

14.See a friend

Because what matters the most in life are our relationships with other people. And people who know us the best are the ones who know how to make us smile.

20 tips to be happy

15.Watch a comedy movie.

Same as comedians these movies exist to get that smile on your face. Have a list of movies that always make you laugh. Laughing immediately improves mood and increases feeling of happiness.

16.Do something new

Something you’ve never done before. New experience will make you feel good and evoke feelings of accomplishment and versatility.

17.Cook a new meal

Or a dessert. I’m not supporter of emotional eating, but preparing a tasty meal and enjoying it in moderate amounts will not only get you to do something actively but you will also feed yourself which will increase feeling of self-sufficiency.

20 tips to be happy

18.Take a bubble bath

O.K. I am a big fan of baths and this is the first thing I do to feel better. Calming essential oils, candles and a warm water are winning trio for relaxing and feeling good.

20 tips to be happy

19.Play a game

Kids know the best how to feel happy and they play all the time. Wake up the child in you and it will open doors of happiness.

20.Read a book

Take a trip to imagination land, see places that don’t exist, meet extraordinary people with peculiar personalities, experience most exciting adventures. Books are special treasures that enrich our lives and they are accessible more than ever. You are one click away from almost every book that exists, take advantage of the 21. century.

We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing



What are your go-to activities that make you happy? Share your thoughts, I would love to hear your opinions.

20 activities to be happy
20 ways to get happy

20 ways to be happy

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