Revolutionary 7 Day Workout Plan For Strong Core And Defined Abs

perfect abs workout plan

Try this 7 day workout plan to finally get those abs you always wanted. The workouts are designed to strengthen and define abdominal muscle (also known as 6-pack), transverse abdominal muscle (the deepest muscle layer), internal and external obliques


Strong abs lead to strong core. And strong core makes every movement easier. If you get tired from a short walk or while standing or sitting with straight back it means your core is weak.


Whether your goal is toned, defined abs and slimmer waist or core strength this workout plan will get you there.


I created this workout plan, after giving birth, to recover my abs from everything they went through. My abs were in a horrible shape. I was so weak I couldn’t stand up straight for more than few minutes, without getting completely exhausted. These exercises felt good and helped me gain my strength and waist line back to where they were before pregnancy.

Few words before you start

I like to exercise every day for no more than 20 minutes. And that’s how this plan is created. But if you would rather do longer workouts, say 2-3 times a week. You can combine two days into one or pair it with another set of exercise like leg workouts or arm workouts


Workout will take you anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on how many sets you do and how long you rest in between. I don’t like to set too many rules around workouts because every body is different and not every day is the same. Some days you’ll have more endurance and willingness and you will do more. Other days you’ll maybe do just one set and call it a day. And that’s ok, it’s always better to do little than nothing.


Continuous little efforts amount to big results over time. It is true for everything including exercising.


Before starting a workout do a quick warm up like jumping jacks, running in place, shoulder rotations and arm swings . This will send the message to your muscles “it’s action time”.


At the bottom of this workout plan you’ll find exercise library with video instructions on how to correctly perform each exercise.


total abs workout plan


10 Mountain climbers

10 Bicycle crunches

10 Rainbow plank

10 Windshield wipers

5 Stomach vacuums


20 High knees

10 Reverse crunches

10 Rainbow plank

10 Flutter kicks

5 Stomach vacuums


10 Mountain climbers

10 Abdominal twists

10 Up&down plank

10 Cross body crunches

5 Stomach vacuums


20 High knees

10 Sit ups

10 Up&down plank

10 Leg lifts

5 Stomach vacuums


10 Mountain climbers

10 V ups

10 Up&down plank

10 Scissor kicks

5 Stomach vacuums


20 High knees

10 Reverse crunches

10 Rainbow plank

10 Leg lifts

5 Stomach vacuums


30 stomach vacuums


If you did more than 3 sets don’t forget to stretch for a few minutes to relax muscles and avoid injury.



Mountain climbers

This total body workout builds up your endurance, core strength, agility and abs. If done slowly you will activate abdominal muscles more efficiently than if you would just jump through the workout.

High knees

Same as the previous workout, high knees are good for endurance, core and agility. Do them slowly and really tighten your abs. Pause for a moment when you pull up the knee to work on your balance.

Bicycle crunches

This is the workout for upper, side and deep abdominal muscles. Do it slowly and with control, pausing for a moment when the elbow and knee meet.

Sit ups

Sit ups are endurance workout designed to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles.

Reverse crunch

When done correctly this workout engages full length of front abs (this is a six pack maker). It’s very important to use your abs to raise and lower legs slowly and not let momentum and gravity do the work.

V ups

This is a great workout to strengthen your deep abdominal muscles. To get the most out of this workout do it slowly and with control. If you can’t do all 10 reps don’t force yourself. You’ll have more benefit if you do less reps but correctly.

Abdominal twist

Also known as russian twist, is a workout to strengthen and tone side muscles. I do it without weights because let’s be honest this one is hard even without added weight. Do it slowly and correctly to avoid back pain.

Rainbow Plank

Plank is a whole body workout that works wonders for the whole core. But this one also gives an extra accent on side muscles.

Up and down plank

Work on your core as well as chest and triceps. This type of plank will give you a strong core and improve your stability and endurance. It’s also a great workout to increase push-up strength.

Windshield wipers

This workout activates all abdominal muscles. It strengthens the core and works the glutes. To make it harder do it with straight legs.

Cross body crunch

Another total ab workout to strengthen and define abs and waist. It’s much more effective than regular crunch. 

Flutter/scissor kicks

Lower abs are a tough spot to reach. But this workout engages specifically lower abs. Wipe away that stubborn lower belly pouch.

Leg lifts

Engage your whole core with slow and controlled movements. You should feel this exercise activating deep ab muscles.

Stomach vacuum

This is more of a breathing exercise than a workout. But it does activate deep ab muscles and it is believed it helps to burn visceral fat (fat that is formed around organs). Whether or not that is true, stomach vacuums will define and tone your abs and waist.

I like to end my workout with stomach vacuums because I believe it seals the workout session and increases its overall effectiveness. 


I hope you’ll enjoy this abs workout plan and use it to help you achieve your ab goals. If you try it out let me know in comments how it worked for you.

Happy exercising!



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