Want to be More Present in The Moment? Start These 3 Mindful Activities

how to be more present in the moment

Knowing how to be more present in the moment is easy but actually practicing it turned out to be really hard. Modern day life has a great deal of urgency to it. Many of us rush through the day with a long checklist of things to do, forgetting to truly savor each moment and live life to the fullest. 


When we’re busy thinking about the next goal, challenge or gratification while also replaying thoughts of the past in our minds, we not only fail to appreciate the moment but also hold on to limiting thoughts which can influence our core beliefs about ourselves. 


A growing stream of philosophers and religious leaders from all spiritual realms have advocated the benefits of living in the present, enjoying the ‘now’ so that we aren’t victims of time.


The centuries-old practice of mindfulness is based on the simple premise that by becoming more aware, we also become more satisfied and confident as people. The benefits of practicing mindfulness are many, and it is all a question of training our brain on how to be more present in the moment. 


These are simple mindful techniques you can do every day in order to live a more fulfilling life. 


1 Mindful eating 

mindful eating

Too often, in the mad rush of life, you either skip meals or eat on the go.


You may be focused on other activities, such as watching the tv, that you don’t even remember gobbling down copious amounts of food without truly savoring it. Maybe you’ll often just stuff yourself with processed and unhealthy foods lacking in quality and nutrition without being too fussed about what you’re putting into your body.


Eating mindfully however, is a way of treating your bodies like a temple. By focusing on the quality of the eating experience, on all the emotions and physical sensations that come with it, you become more aware of your eating habits.


Focus on what you are eating, why you are eating, how much you are eating and how you feel as you chew, swallow and experience every nutritious mouthful.


It is important to begin at the very beginning. When selecting the foods. Use all your senses. Contemplating the entire process of where it came from and how it was prepared. It is about being conscious of the smell, look, taste and the feelings you have as the food enters your body and the fullness and goodness you feel.


With practice, you will start to appreciate food with a sharpened taste, heightened smell and uplifting gratitude which makes the dining experience all the more engaging, enjoyable and gratifying. 


2 Mindful walking 

mindful walking

Stress is a part of modern-day living. One way to deal with it is to take a break and disengage by taking a short walk. Not just any stroll, but one where you can truly take your mind off everything else. 


Surrounded by nature, you can let your surroundings lead the way. You can notice how your feet feel as they step onto the moist grass, you can hear the crunching leaves. Feel the crisp air on your face. Watch the water gurgling down a stream and imagine that water carrying all your problems away and you are letting them go.


Play on your phone mindfulness meditation exercises. You can download the app or play it on YouTube to make the experience truly meditative and to guide you to be more present in the moment.


Mindful walking is less about the destination and more about the journey. It is about being aware of your surroundings, and your body’s reaction to it. By getting in touch with your instincts you can feel and hear the beat of your heart as you walk and be aware of your muscles as you move. 


A mindful walk, when properly practiced, can boost your energy and fill you with gratitude for existing to appreciate all that is around you.



3 Mindful interactions 

mindful interactions

How many times have you had a conversation when you have only half-heartedly listened? How many times has your mind been buzzing with work problems rather than focused on interactions at hand? 


By learning to switch off to all other issues, rather than your interactions with friends, family and loved ones. You can forge deeper bonds and be more satisfied with your personal and social life. 


At work, your colleagues will begin to feel more valued and you will be better able to convey what it is you wish to communicate. 


Naturally, as you change so do your interactions with others.


By changing your approach to the world around you, you begin to embrace yourself with acceptance and open your mind to every moment of your life. You may notice a shift in the way you live. Simple things like walking, eating, dressing, enjoying life take on new purpose and meaning. 


Once you learn techniques on how to be more present in life, you can start practicing them daily. Soon you will start to truly enjoy life and you will begin to deal with difficulties with more ease and grace. 


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