5 Genius Ways To Get Free Stuff From Amazon in 2023

free stuff from amazon

Would you like to get free stuff from Amazon on a regular basis? Or at least a good discount? Find out how to get the stuff you want for free.

Discover 5 genius ways to get free and discounted products from Amazon

There are many sites promising big discounts and free products in exchange for a review, but so many of them are just scams. You invest your time, give your personal information to them and in return, all you get is a headache.


That is why I will not give you a list of 50 sites that promise big and deliver nothing, but 5 trusted legitimate sites that will deliver on their promise.


All these sites are really easy to use. Sign up and start ˝buying˝ for free.


Use these sites to get free stuff you really need or something just for fun like these whale forks.



Get free stuff from amazon

1. Jump Send


Jump Send is the place to go to find huge discounts for products across all categories. The list of products is updated daily. So every day you can find free or almost free products to order from Amazon.

Most of the products on Jump Send are FBA (fulfilled by amazon) so if you are a Prime member you get to enjoy free shipping as well.

How does it work? 

Jump Send also has a platform for sellers called JungleScout. They work with sellers to help them find customers for their products. To increase his search rank and sales velocity, the seller offers his product for free for a short period of time. This is not a product-for-review kind of thing. You are not obligated to leave a review, although if you want you should to help out other buyers. Scroll through Jump Send’s deals list every few days and take advantage of their fantastic offers.


2. Vipon


Another reliable site with good deals for Amazon products. The way it works is pretty much the same as the previous one. 

Vipon is packed with valuable and quality products at low prices. Their search filters are really helpful, you can even choose products by fulfillment. All deals are 20-100% off. Often you will find amazing products for free and without shipping costs. It’s worth scrolling through every couple of days.

There is also the Vipon app where you can see upcoming deals, which is not possible on the desktop version. 


3. Snagshout


The variety of products on this site will blow your mind. You can find products rarely seen on any other similar site. With such discounts that the majority of products are priced at around $1, and quite often you will find amazing products completely free. 

The platform is simple to use. Sign up and start searching for the products you want. When you find what you like just click on snag it and get a discount code. With the code go to amazon and enter it at check-out.

Snagshout is very serious about following all Amazon TOS. And they expect users to follow theirs also. All is very transparent on their FAQ pageBesides the usual deals and discounts, Snagshout offers something called action cash back. Now, this is really fun, action cashback is a special deal that requires you to perform an action before you receive your cashback. Action that they may ask for can be a photo of you using the product, a video of you using or commenting on the product, social media mention, or a completed survey.


4. Tomoson


This one is for all bloggers and really anybody with an active social media account. Tomoson connects brands with influencers for mutual benefits. Brands benefit from exposure and reviews. And influencers receive free products or even get paid for the mention. Micro-influencers are especially welcomed. Because although small, their community is usually really engaged. Which is something brands know and value.



5. Your Amazon Profile

Don’t underestimate the value of your Amazon profile. Before you roll your eyes just hear me out.

For sellers, Amazon is one big battlefield. The competition is enormous. They have to fight with all they have to attract customers. Now consider a buyer scrolling through the list of products. The products all look pretty similar to one another and the only way to choose is to look through the reviews for a clue as to which product is the best one. Sellers are very much aware of that, so what do they do? They go through the reviews of their competition and look for the most helpful reviews. Once they spot the most helpful reviewer they will try to contact them. 


Let’s say you are the helpful reviewer that always leaves detailed reviews on products. Once the sellers spot you, they will try to contact you. So first they will check out your Amazon profile to look for an email address of course. 

Now if you have an email address available on your profile, soon you will receive an email from a brand offering you their product for free. Some will say explicitly and some not, but they will all expect a helpful review of their product.

This is just one small detail you can do to get a chance of receiving a free product, there is a lot more you can do. Here is a detailed article where you can find a lot more info. 



Bonus tip: Get notified when the price drops


If you are buying a more expensive product and can wait a few days or weeks, you should definitely use the camelcamelcamel. 

You can set the alert for the products you want and wait to get notified when the price drops. There is also a nice graph showing how prices went up and down in the last few months. Prices vary all the time on Amazon and this is the tool that will help you easily discover products with seasonal price reductions.

panda chopsticks rest
Cute panda chopsticks rest

And there you have it my friend. Don’t waste your hard-earned money. Either with discount codes or with cash back there is always a way to get more for less.

What are your experiences with sites like these?

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links, at no additional cost to you.

Get Free Stuff From Amazon
Get Free Stuff From Amazon



5 thoughts on “5 Genius Ways To Get Free Stuff From Amazon in 2023

  1. OMG Love it!!!!!! Just linked to my site! IDK how people don’t know about these sites! they are so awesome! especially Ebates, great post!

  2. I didnt know about half of these cash back companies! Thank you for sharing. I am going to try them right away. It might work like magic.

  3. Thank you for sharing, these are so helpful! The only one of these I’d heard of before was ebates, and I’m excited to check the rest out now.
    xoxo, Sarah

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