5 Genius Ways To Get Free Stuff From Amazon

free stuff from amazon
Don’t we all like free stuff or at least a good discount?
This post is all about getting free and discounted products from Amazon. Find out how to pay lowest possible price for products you want.

There are many sites promising big discount and free products in exchange for review but so many of them are just scams. You invest your time and give your personal information to them and in return all you get is a headache.

That is why I will not give you list of 50 sites that promise big and deliver nothing, but 5 trusted legitimate sites that will deliver what they promise.

All these sites are really easy to use. Sign up and start ˝buying˝ for free.

Like these whale forks.





Get free stuff from amazon

1. Jump Send


Jump Send is one of the best sites for coupons, often you can find great products for free.

How it works? Seller wants to increase his search rank and sales velocity. For a short period of time he offers products for free. Scroll through it every few days and take advantage of amazing offers.


2. Rakuten (former Ebates)


This is a cash back site.

How it works? Rakuten is affiliate of Amazon and it receives commission every time it refers a sale.

Whenever I’m buying on amazon I usually go through Rakuten. If I couldn’t find coupon for product I want to buy, then at least I can get up to 10% cash back. Check it out it is definitely worth it.

Cool glasses cleaners

3. Tomoson


This one is for all bloggers or anybody with big social media accounts. Get your product for free and then write about it on social media. Just sign up as influencer and start receiving your free stuff from amazon.


4. Vipon


Another great coupon site. All deals are 50-100% off. Often you will find amazing products for free. It’s worth to scroll through every couple of days


5. Snagshout


The variety of products on this site will blow your mind, and quite often you can find amazing products completely free. It’s simple to use. Sign up and start searching for products you want. When you find what you like just click on snag it and get a discount code. With code go to amazon and enter it on check-out.



Sugru-moldable glue
Sugru-moldable glue

Bonus tip: Get notification when price drops.

The Tracktor

If you are buying more expensive product and can wait few days or weeks you should definitely use the Tracktor. You can set the lowest price you are willing to pay and wait to get notified when price drops. There is also a nice graph showing how price went up and down in the last few months. Prices  vary all the time on amazon and this is the tool that will help you easily track your product for price reduction.

Another great site that will notify you about price drop is camelcamelcamel.

Teapot tea leaf infuser

And there you have it my friend. Don’t waste your hard earned money. Either with discount codes or with cash back there is always a way to get more for less.

What are your experiences with sites like these?

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive small commission  if you make a purchase using those links, at no additional cost to you.

Get Free Stuff From Amazon
Get Free Stuff From Amazon


5 thoughts on “5 Genius Ways To Get Free Stuff From Amazon

  1. OMG Love it!!!!!! Just linked to my site! IDK how people don’t know about these sites! they are so awesome! especially Ebates, great post!

  2. I didnt know about half of these cash back companies! Thank you for sharing. I am going to try them right away. It might work like magic.

  3. Thank you for sharing, these are so helpful! The only one of these I’d heard of before was ebates, and I’m excited to check the rest out now.
    xoxo, Sarah

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