Morning Journal Prompts To Prime Your Brain For Focused Work

morning journal prompts for focus

These morning journal prompts specifically aim to prepare you to focus on important tasks during the day. Through writing them you’ll work on eliminating distractions, setting intentions, preventing overwhelm, preparing for challenges, and keeping your mind fixed on your goals. 

Your mind is a problem-solving tool. You’ll be amazed at the strength of focus you can reach if you give your mind a clear task and undisturbed time to work on it.

The act of reminding yourself of your priorities, goals, and tasks you wish to accomplish gives your mind detailed instructions for what you want it to do. 

Every morning after you pour yourself a cup of your favorite morning drink, take a notebook and a pen. Then choose those prompts that best fit the purpose of your day. 

Morning journal prompts to eliminate distractions and stay focused

Distractions tend to sneak up on us when we’re not paying attention. Thinking about possible distractions will help you stay aware of them to notice when you get distracted. 

What tasks demand the most focus from you today?

Why are those tasks important to you?

What might distract you from those tasks?

How can you avoid getting distracted?

Morning journal prompts to set intentions for focus

Setting intentions for the day helps you get out of the habit of going through the day reacting to events and turns your focus on what you want. It helps you choose your priorities in the moment and get back on track when you get distracted.

What do you want to do today?

What do you want to think about today?

How do you want to feel today?

Based on your answers to the three questions above, write your intention for today.

You can even carry your intention statement with you to read it throughout the day.

Morning journal prompts to avoid overwhelm and stay focused

It’s easy to become overwhelmed if you don’t know when and what you need to do. 

Write all worries that are currently occupying your mind. Write as much as you need to empty your mind from them.

Write a detailed plan for your day.

Take the most complex task you need to do today and write the breakdown of that task into smaller tasks.

Morning journal prompts to prepare yourself for challenges

Your perception is everything. When you look at challenges as opportunities for growth you’re more focused and eager to keep going despite the difficulties on your path. 

What difficulties you might face today while working on your most important task?

How can you overcome those difficulties?

How can you use those difficulties as learning opportunities?

Morning journal prompts to check in with your goals

To keep your focus sharp and motivation high you need to regularly remind yourself of your goals.

What are your goals for this week/month/year?

What progress have you made towards your goals?

What actions will you take to work on your goal today?

Morning journal prompts to plan for focus

You will greatly increase your chances of getting focused on your task if you know what time of the day you can focus most, and then you can organize your day accordingly. 

What tasks or projects demanded the most focus from you today?

What time of the day are you most mentally ready to focus?

How will you organize your day to match the most demanding task with your ability to focus?

Morning journal prompts to prioritize

Life is all about priorities. Trying to focus on too many things in a day will only inhibit your ability to focus and take you straight to burnout. To save your sanity choose where your focus is needed the most during the day.

What must you do today that requires focus?

What do you want to do today that requires focus?

From the tasks above what are your top three priorities for today?


Need more journal prompts? Here you’ll find a collection of 365 journal prompts that will inspire you to explore and express yourself.


When you’re struggling to focus on the task at hand it’s a sign you’re not fully committed to the task. Morning journal prompts will help you direct your attention where you need it to be. They will help you pick your priorities for the day and ignore the rest.

Focus is always a choice. It’s a choice to give your attention to one thing at a time and forget about everything else.

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