Make Your Small Business Thrive Using The Power Of Vision Board

small business vision board

Small business owners can benefit from a vision board dedicated to their business. Just like many people succeed in achieving their personal goals thanks to the vision board, so can you use a vision board to plan for your small business success. 

How can a vision board help your small business succeed?

Running a small business is not easy. Often you have to juggle many balls in the air, make quick decisions, and have a whole lot of faith in yourself and your team. Having a vision board can help you keep the focus on the core message you want your business to represent. Having the vision board displayed where all the members of your team can see it will keep them focused on the most important goal that you wish to achieve with your business. A vision board helps you have a strong focus. This in turn helps you make better and smarter decisions. 


Learn how you can make an insanely effective vision board that will help you reach financial freedom.


What should you put on a vision board for small business success? 

A vision board is a collage of images and words that represent the goal you want to achieve, and depict what your business will look like once you achieve the goal. A good, detailed vision board will also feature action steps you could take to reach the goal and motivation to keep you going when you hit an obstacle. 

  • Your big goal in a form of a picture or words or both
  • Milestones and steps you’ll take to reach the goal 
  • Checklists of skills, actions, and tools you’ll need to reach your goal
  • Words and affirmations that build confidence
  • Motivational quotes 
  • Images that inspire
  • Prototypes or sketches of new products and services you wish to offer


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Supplies you’ll need to create a vision board

Basic supplies to make a vision board are a large piece of cardboard (or thick paper), glue, magazine cutouts, and a marker. Of course, you can make a more elaborate vision board with lots of extras. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Here are some supplies you could use to create a beautiful and truly personal board.

Where to find pictures for the vision board?

There are two main sources you can go to, to find suitable pictures for your small business vision board. Lifestyle magazines should have a wide range of pictures on most topics. Or choose magazines that are in the same niche as your business. If you don’t have access to a bunch of magazines then searching through the web is a better option. Use google images, Pinterest, or Instagram to find pictures, since that will be for personal use you’ll not be violating any copyrights. When you have all the pictures you like just print them out and use them to make your vision board.

How to create a vision board for successful small business

The process of creating a vision board is divided into three steps:

1. Define your vision

The first step in creating a vision board is to define your vision. Where do you see your business a year from now? Do you want to expand, add new products or services? Choose one big main goal and then break it into smaller milestones. This will make it look more attainable and thus less frightening.

The focal point of every small business vision board should be your customers. Because your business literally depends on them. Create an avatar of your ideal customer, be as detailed as possible. The better you all know this person the better you’ll be at creating products they will want and then later marketing for them.  

2. Gather supplies

When you defined your vision and got to know your ideal customer it’s time to gather the supplies. Look for the pictures that closely represent your goal and also find pictures that portray your ideal customer. 

Next, choose the board type and bonding agent. It can be a corkboard with push pins, a magnetic board with magnets, or a paper board with glue. The paper board is permanent, once you make it there is no way of changing it. While corkboard and the magnetic board can both be updated, rearranged, and changed as many times as you want. 

Create add-ons like power words, quotes, lists, sketches, and prototypes. To make add-ons take a piece of paper, construction paper and markers work best here, and write words and quotes you find empowering and motivating. Make lists of steps, tasks, tools, skills, wishes, needs, or anything else you find appropriate for your goal. 

3. Create a vision board

Now that you have all the necessary supplies it’s time for the fun part. Putting it all together and creating a visually appealing collage of your business goals. There are many templates you can choose for your vision board. Like dividing the board into columns one for the big goal, another for your ideal customer, then one for quotes and lists, and one for sketches and prototypes. Or you can make it in concentric circles, the inner circle would be your ideal customer, then a ring around it would contain your main goal, and so on. Another way is to divide the board into squares. Or you can skip the template and just randomly arrange everything on the board.  

Can a vision board be digital?

Absolutely, you can make a digital version of the vision board and keep it as your desktop picture. You can use a free online program like Canva. Canva offers plenty of free stock pictures, templates, fonts, and other elements that are useful to create a beautiful vision board.

Small business vision board inspiration

small business vision board inspiration
Anne Stark Ditmeyer
small business vision board inspiration
Stacia Pierce
small business vision board inspiration
small business vision board inspiration
small business vision board inspiration



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