7 Sound Advices You Need If You’re Starting A Diet

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For any diet to succeed, whether to lose a lot of weight or just a few extra pounds, there are some rules you must follow. If you are trying to live more healthy life there are some basic habits that you should adopt for better, faster and long term results.

These are actually very good and healthy habits that will benefit to anybody.

1. Have positive attitude

In order for any diet, or any other venture for that matter, to function first you must have good thoughts.

By definition diet is habitually eaten food. Diet is not some horrible regime that will rob you of life pleasures. It is  way of life.

Eating fried, fatty, carb-filled food is a diet, it’s a bad diet and unhealthy way of life. You are giving up that kind of life and starting a new life. Healthy life full of wholesome, juicy, crisp, fresh food.

Be happy and optimistic about your new lifestyle.

2. Plan diet completely

Before starting any diet, plan all your meals ahead and consult with your doctor. Write down all you will eat and when you will eat it. This way you are prepared and more likely to follow through.

If you are taking already designed diet make sure you read carefully whole plan, find substitute for any ingredient you maybe have allergy to or dislike.



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 3. Start gradually and stay consistent

If you are making drastic changes in your diet and lifestyle, do it gradually. Implementing one change at a time. Allow your organism to adapt to new changes. Sometimes too much too soon can have negative impact. Take baby steps to prevent  burn-out. No change can happen overnight, accept that and charge yourself with patience. Stay consistent day after day. And if you stumble, don’t stress about it just continue doing your best and result will come.

Steady stream shapes the rocks.

4. Forgive yourself

No one is perfect, believe me, no one. If you stumble shake it off and move on. Don’t blame yourself, don’t beat yourself up because of moment of weakness. Forget about it and move on. It’s all good. Keep going, day by day and in no time you will be where you want to be.

Be patient and compliment yourself for everyday you stick to your plan. Create a reward system for every week, of course reward is not food but something you enjoy doing. Make a manicure, take a bubble bath ( I am a huge fan of bubble bath), buy yourself something nice whatever will make you feel good.

Be loving towards yourself all changes start from within.


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5. Don’t forget to hydrate

I can be like parrot when it comes to drinking water. But I firmly believe that many health issues can be prevented with proper hydration. I start day by drinking 4 glasses of water, afterwards I feel like I could climb Everest. Because it is extremely important I included this infographic for more information on benefits of drinking water.

source: lifestyletopia.net


If drinking water is something you just can’t force yourself to do. Try my fruity detox waters.


And check out these colorful infuser water bottles. They are so adorable and functional. You just throw in some fruit, pour water over it and you have a tasty, vitamin packed drink wherever you go.

6. Exercise

Regular exercise is not advice or a choice. Exercise is a must, it’s essential part of life. Our bodies are designed to be active. If not exercising you are letting your body to slowly deteriorate. I am sorry to be so strict, but you have only one body and it is your responsibility towards yourself to take care of it. If you haven’t been active in a long time start slow, a quick 15 minute walk every day and gradually build up to desired exercise plan.

For inspiration you can go to darebee.com they have plenty of exercises all nicely drawn (with hand can you believe) and categorized. I like their site and always go there when composing my exercise plan.

 7. Sleep

While sleeping body is regenerating. It is important to have enough sleep every night for body and brain to be in top shape. You are more in control of yourself if you are rested. Making life changes requires energy, and you are less likely to fall to old unhealthy habits if your body and mind are full of energy every day.

If you want to lose 100 or 10 pounds challenge is the same. If you follow these advises you will lose all extra pounds and keep your ideal weight constant.

Have fun with your new lifestyle, after all you are beginning a wonderful transformation and have so much to look forward to.

Tips for diet

What are your little tricks that help you stick to the diet and lose weight?

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7 tips for successful diet
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