Sustainable Ideas for Eco-Friendly Gifts This Holiday Season

eco friendly gifts

Collection of sustainable Christmas gifts that make perfect gifts for environmentalists this holiday season. 

Make this Christmas special by spreading awareness of sustainability to your loved ones with ethically produced and environmentally friendly gifts. 

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Ethically produced chocolates 

Who doesn’t like good, quality chocolate. Even the toughest of gift-receivers will be happy to get a delicious chocolate treat. And if it’s ethically and sustainably made the pleasure is even greater. You can order your chocolates online or if you’re lucky to have a small artisanal chocolate shop near you then you can do the Christmas shopping there. 

chocolate theo


beyond good chocolate

Beyond Good

chocolate endangered species

Endangered Species Chocolate 


Sustainable beauty & personal care gift ideas

Plastic packaging and one-use-only products are causing our planet to drown in waste. Gifting your loved ones with reusable and eco-friendly options for the beauty products they already use is a wonderful and caring way of giving them to an opportunity to experience the beauty and joy of living a zero-waste sustainable life.


Ethique is one of the leading zero-waste, sustainable beauty brands. Their products have thousands of loyal fans. Gifting their skin and hair trial pack is the perfect way of introducing somebody to eco-friendly cosmetics.

ethique beauty bars

Sustainable beauty bars

reusable cotton swabs

1.Reusable cotton swab

2.Baby cotton swab

bamboo facial rounds

Bamboo charcoal facial rounds

eco-friendly toothbrush and charcoal dental floss

Eco-friendly toothbrush and floss

reusable organic tissues

Reusable organic tissues


Gifts for the eco-friendly, zero-waste kitchen

Paper towels and plastic wraps are common kitchen items that quickly add up to total household waste. A lot of people really wouldn’t mind using reusable, washable replacements, but maybe they just need a little push in the right direction. Like a Christmas gift with basics for a zero-waste kitchen.

UNpaper towels

Reusable UNpaper towels

reusable eco-friendly food wraps

1.Reusable food wraps

2.Bee’s wax food wraps

coconut bowls set

Coconut bowls


Functional zero-waste gift ideas

There are so many things that we use daily that could be made better and more sustainable. To support environmentalists in your life and to motivate others to start thinking in the direction of sustainability, gift them this Christmas with one of these functional zero-waste items.

reusable notebook

Smart reusable notebook

produce bag

Reusable produce bags set 1

Reusable produce bags set 2

Reusable produce bags set 3

sprout pencil

Sprout pencils

reusable dry-erase sticky notes

Reusable sticky notes (white)

Reusable sticky notes (color)

reusable paper bag lunch bag

Reusable lunch bags

bamboo thermos

Bamboo thermos

paper uno

Recyclable edition of UNO

aesthetic tote bag

Aesthetic tote bag

Sustainable yoga essentials


Zero-waste gift kits

zero waste personal care and home gift kit

Zero-waste personal care&home kit

Zero-waste home and kitchen gift kit

Zero-waste home&kitchen kit


A gift to inspire change

An Almost Zero Waste Life: Learning How to Embrace Less to Live More

An Almost Zero Waste Life: Learning How to Embrace Less to Live More


Eco-friendly wrapping paper

After you bought all the eco-friendly gifts it’s no good to wrap it in just any old wrapping paper, but choose the recyclable wrapping paper so your gifts are completely eco-friendly, zero-waste, and sustainable.

eco-friendly wrapping paper

Wrapping paper set 1

Wrapping paper set 2

Wrapping paper set 3



In the season of caring, let’s not forget to care about this beautiful planet we call our home. 


Happy Holidays!


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