Complete list of websites to download eBooks for free

download free ebooks

Full list of sites where you can find eBooks to download for free without registering or hidden fees.

Knowledge of mankind should be available to all of mankind. The thought that motivated many to pursue this noble goal. Thanks to them we now have numerous sources of literature available to all of us for free.


Where to download eBooks for free?


Internet Archive

internet archive

With a number of books counted in millions, Internet Archive has one of the most extensive collections of free eBooks to download.

They are a non-profit digital library and its motto is “Universal Access to All Knowledge.”

The Internet Archive website started at about the same time as the internet itself. And they have been saving and documenting ever since.

Whether you are looking to download classics, specific genre literature, academic books, textbooks, historical texts, children’s books, or something else in written form. There is a big chance this is the place you will find it for free. And as is in every library, here also you can borrow books that have yet not entered the public domain.


Project Gutenberg

project gutenberg

The mission of Project Gutenberg is “To encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks.”

They are an established and reliable source of eBooks free for download. Books they offer are always complete works, including illustrations, and of high quality.

There is no registration or hidden fees. All books are offered in several formats including formats of popular eReaders.

Although they do not provide contemporary books, all the great classics are available.


Open Library

open library

Open Library is a sister site of the Internet Archive with a goal to “make all the published works of humankind available to everyone in the world”.

Being mostly user-generated you can also find translations of classics in almost any language. Open Library has a loyal community of hardworking contributors. It contains a large collection of nonfiction, fiction, textbooks, and children’s books. It’s easily searchable by author, title, or subject. 



many books

ManyBooks website provides a large number of free eBooks to download. But aside from that they offer a platform for self-publishing authors to introduce and promote their work. Meaning fresh new titles, that meet their quality standard, are uploaded daily. Maybe you’ll be among the first ones to read a future bestseller.

The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Search by title, author, genre, and language.

Discover new books to read on their blog, or find similar works in articles titled “Books Like …”.

Get to know the authors through the interviews.

Participate in interesting discussions with other readers by asking a question or browsing through previously asked questions.


PDF Drive

PDF Drive

PDF Drive has a huge collection of books. Their crawlers are constantly scouring the web in search of new books to add to their collection. They offer a wide range of categories like education, fiction, lifestyle, science, art, business, health, fitness, environment, personal growth, technology, and more. Books are available in several formats and you can freely download books without a limit and without registering.




Smashwords is a platform where you can discover new books by independent authors. Some of the works first published on Smashwords even become world-known bestsellers.

Their mission is to “make it fast, free, and easy for authors and publishers to distribute eBooks to the world’s largest eBook retailers and library eBook platforms.”

What it means for the readers is that almost 100k eBooks are offered for free, and over half a million are low-price books.



digi libraries

DigiLibraries is a user-generated website where all the books you find are free to download. There are plenty of categories to scroll through when looking for your next read. Or search by author, title, and subject. There is no registration required to download. E-books are offered in three formats epub, mobi, and pdf.




To find free books to download on Feedbooks browse through the Public Domain section or check the Free Books section in their eBooks Store for contemporary titles. Feedbooks also offers books in several languages. Books are offered only in epub format.


Open Culture

open culture

Open Culture is another bold venture to make information free. Not only do they offer free eBooks for download, but also have a vast collection of courses, audio books, movies, textbooks, language learning resources, and K-12 educational resources. Their mission is to “bring together high-quality cultural & educational media for the worldwide lifelong learning community.” They are collecting and curating resources found all over the web and bringing them together in one place.



free ebooks

Free-Ebooks is a website that offers books from new and independent authors and covers a wide range of genres.

They allow 5 downloads a month for free. E-books are available in several formats but only pdf is for free.

For full access, you can buy monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership.


Baen Books Free Library


Baen Books is a book publisher with a focus on science fiction and fantasy. The website supports a free library where you can find new releases. They use this as an advertising method to gain publicity and sell more print books. It’s really a win-win situation. If you are a science fiction/fantasy fan it is worth checking them for new free titles once in a while.



get free ebooks

Getfreeebooks is a blog-type website that curates free eBooks found all around the web.

It’s a good discovery resource. You can go through the blog posts and find books on a variety of topics.

Or you can browse through genres. They offer fiction, science fiction, fantasy, short stories and horror.




Wikibooks is a user-generated website where volunteers all around the word work together on writing textbooks. They are creating and maintaining over 3000 instructional guides and manuals. Topics they cover are computing, engineering, mathematics, science, languages, social sciences, humanities, and more.



free computer books

FreeComputerBooks is a technical website that specializes in covering topics like programming, mathematics, computer sciences, software engineering, and more. They offer free eBooks, magazines, and lecture notes.


All the websites mentioned above are genuine, legal websites where books and knowledge are available to everyone for free.

But apart from them, there are also a few more resources you should take advantage of.

Those are eBook sellers like:

On these websites, you will often find classics, textbooks, and also new releases completely free in eBook form. The reason they do it is because it’s a cheaper form of advertising and it boosts the sales of physical books.

You don’t even have to own their e-reader, it’s enough to use the app (on a desktop, tablet, or phone) and download from there.


Search engine

Last but not least, don’t forget the good old search engine. Just type in the title of the book you want and “free download”. Many times you will find what you are looking for.



Now this one is not a website for downloading, but it is an essential tool for every bookworm.

You can track the books you’ve read, discover new books you want to read, and get personalized book recommendations all in one place.


These are all the websites I found to be reliable sources of free eBooks to download. I used them over and over again with great success.


If you found this post helpful spread the word by sharing.

Happy reading!

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