3-Steps to Get Sugar Out of Your System After Eating Too Many Sweets

get sugar out of your system fast

After eating too much sugar your body will want to get that excess sugar out of your system immediately. It will start releasing insulin at an accelerated rate. Unless you do something, you’re in for a sugar crash in approximately 4 hours. 


So you’ve had a sugar feast. And now you’re feeling all that sugar running through your body making you feel ecstatic and jumpy and full of energy.


But you also know, this is not a good feeling. Your body is fighting an overdose and needs help. If you don’t do something, you are in for a sugar crash and it will not be pretty. A sugar crash is a term for a quick and sudden drop of glucose levels in the blood. Sugar crash always follows a large consumption of simple carbs (sugars).  


If you are otherwise in good health and don’t have problems with blood sugar regulation (hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia), then you can do this 3-step intervention to get sugar out of your system as quickly as possible.


Flush Out Sugar From Your Body in 3 Steps


STEP 1: Start moving

The sugar you ate, in whatever form, goes straight into your blood as glucose. Glucose is the body’s favorite energy source. Naturally, when you have too much of it, you should use it. Easy physical activity is all you need. You can go for a walk, dance around, ride a bicycle or do some other similar aerobic activity. Just to speed up the burning of sugar.


STEP 2: Sip Water

Your body will try to quickly eliminate some of the excess sugar through urine. So it’s important to drink enough water that will help to flush out the sugar. The best way to do this is by sipping small sips continuously. So that in one hour time you drink approx. 1oz of water. Sip water while you’re moving to speed up the elimination of sugar from your body.


STEP 3: Snack low GI food

Once you get rid of a certain amount of sugar it’s time to do something to prevent the sugar crash. Because your body is quickly trying to decrease glucose levels in the blood, it usually drops them too low. And you want your sugar level to slowly go down. You can prevent sugar crash easily by eating some low GI food. Take one serving of whichever low GI food you prefer and slowly snack it.

Low GI food you can eat to prevent sugar crash:

    • green vegetables
    • peanuts (roasted unsalted)
    • chickpeas
    • rolled oats
    • grapefruit
    • apple
    • yogurt 


Moving, sipping water, and snacking low GI food should help you manage sugar overdose quickly and prevent the horrible sugar crash that would otherwise inevitably come.




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