20 Healthy Dinner Recipes You Can Put on The Table in 20 Minutes

20 minute healthy dinner

Before you have another take out dinner check out these 20 healthy 20-minute dinner recipes. 

No more excuses for not eating healthy on a daily basis. With so many delicious 20-minute healthy dinner recipes to choose from you’ll satisfy your taste buds and do good for your health.



All recipes are simple to prepare and made from everyday ingredients you can easily find in any food store. They are divided in 7 categories: salad, soup, tortilla, bread, fish, asian and porridge.

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When you’re in a mood for a light but filling dinner. Try out one of these amazing salads.

Mediterranean chickpea salad

Mediteranean diet is known to be light, healthy and wholesome. Salad full of fresh veggies coated in light aromatic dressing with the addition of chickpeas to make it more filling.Mediterranean chickpea salad

Mediterranean tuna salad

Healthy and light tuna salad is easy and quick to prepare. This salad is delicious as is but I like to wrap it in lettuce or add some pulse pasta to it.Mediterranean tuna salad

Mediterranean orzo salad

Another delicious mediterranean recipe. What can I say they know how to make a good salad. And this one is nothing short of delicious.Mediterranean orzo salad

Potato salad

Sometimes you just crave a good potato salad, but the thought of all that mayo just makes you shudder. There is a solution, and it is this potato salad.Potato salad


There is nothing more comforting than a bowl of hot homemade soup. It’s the perfect end to a long day. And these four soups are ready in just 20 minutes.

Vegetable soup

This is a “cheat soup” that’s incredibly delicious and allows tons of room for variations. Recipe calls for canned veggies but I always use frozen ones since they are a much healthier option. Also you can omit the tomatoes and use coconut milk for a sweet and creamy, but still light soup.Vegetable soup

Egg drop soup

Almost every cuisine has it’s variation of egg soup. And for many this soup brings fond childhood memories. This version is simple and delicious. If you like eggs to be soft and in bigger ribbons try drizzling beaten eggs in a circle and wait a few minutes before stirring.Egg drop soup

Tomato soup

Hot tomato soup with grilled cheese toast (this makes dinner less healthy but a lot more comforting) is one of my favorite quick dinners. But for a full on healthy version eat it with wholegrain bread and hummus.Tomato soup

Curry soup

This would be a lousy collection of dinner recipes if it would not include a curry recipe. Because curry is delicious, end of story. The flavors, creaminess and warmth are all everyone really crave for by the end of the day.Curry soup


Once a week I like to wrap up the day with a good tortilla dinner. And these are the favorites.


Tostadas are a great dinner option when you have leftovers or you need to use up about-to-expire fridge products. That way tostadas are always new and exciting.Tostadas


Fajita is another great dish to have on rotation for dinner. It’s quick to prepare, variations are endless and it’s warm spiciness is always comforting.Fajitas


Another great recipe coming from maxican cuisine. Quesadilla is a quick cheesy tortilla dish that is easily made healthy just by adding a bunch of veggies. Slathering tortilla with pesto before adding other ingredients was a revelation for me.Quesadilla


Level up your (boring ham and cheese) sandwich game with these three healthy alternatives. With veggies in a main role and lots of delicious flavors.

Egg salad sandwich

If you like egg salad then you will love egg salad sandwich. Dense rye bread, crispy lettuce and creamy egg salad make a perfect combination.Egg salad sandwich

Reuben sandwich

Fermented veggies are a treat for the gut. And fermented cabbage in the sandwich is a treat for, well, everyone. To make it even healthier, swap out the mayo for tahini.Reuben sandwich


Menemen, huevos rancheros, or uova in purgatorio. Call it as you like this dish is amazing. Served on a slice of toasted sourdough bread with crumbled feta on top is dinner for gods.Shakshuka


Eat fish once a week for omega 3, they say. That will be no problem with these easy and tasty recipes.

Salmon with steamed asparagus

Light and fragrant dinner that is whipped up in no time. With a bit of multitasking you can have a healthy and delicious dinner on the table in just 20 minutes. Asparagus can be replaced with any other seasonal vegetable.Salmon with steamed asparagus

Fish stew

Cooked fish in a delicious broth full of surprising flavors. Coconut milk makes all the difference, bringing this soup from average fish stew to new heights of light creaminess and sweetness.Fish stew


You like to order asian for dinner? Why not make your own, but much healthier!


Stir-fried shrimp and broccoli in tasty homemade teriyaki sauce pair great with rice and salad for a wholesome dinner.Stir-fry

Pad Thai

Delicious Pad Thai with lots of veggies and flavor is a great dinner option. Make it authentic by topping the dish with crushed peanuts, and enjoy your homemade thai dinner. Pad thai

Cauliflower “fried rice”

Healthier twist on a classic fried rice. With cauliflower that successfully mimics rice and packed with veggies and shrimps. Give it a try and never look back.Cauliflower fried rice


Porridge is a healthy comfort food in my opinion. It’s warm, comforting and homey. And if you share this feeling with me then you will love this recipe.

Buckwheat porridge

Earthy-nutty flavor of buckwheat is freshened with diced pickles in this savory porridge.Buckwheat porridge


Do you have some ace up your sleeve when it comes to preparing a quick and healthy dinner? Share it in the comments, I am always on the lookout for delicious and healthy recipes.


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Happy quick cooking!



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