7 Simple Ways to Get Free Stuff From Amazon

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Big companies like Amazon always have ways of giving free stuff to their loyal customers. You just have to know how it all works, and how to access your free products. 

Here I compiled a list of legitimate ways anyone can get free stuff from Amazon.



Simple Ways to Get Free Stuff From Amazon



Basically, amazon samples is a program created by Amazon with an aim to introduce to you various products you might like. You get a box of products to try out, and hopefully one of them you’ll like so much that you will end up purchasing it again. That’s all, no hidden tricks.

Amazon Samples is, hands down, the easiest way to get free stuff from Amazon. All you have to do is sign up for free samples and choose categories of products that you would wish to receive. It’s that simple. You don’t even have to be a prime member.

Then you just have to wait for Amazon to send you the box of goodies for you to try out. 

You are not obligated to buy any of the products you receive or to leave a review.

Although I would suggest you to leave an honest review, and very soon you’ll realize why.



Amazon created this program to entice buyers to leave honest reviews of the products. This is why I suggested you to leave an honest review. Because reviewers that often leave helpful reviews get invited by Amazon to join Vine Voices. 

As a member of Vine Voices you’ll get for free, new products and also products that are not yet released. Products chosen to be sent to you will be from the same categories on which you most often leave reviews. When you receive your product, you will try it out and write a review. 

Again there are no hidden tricks, this is just a way for Amazon to get helpful reviews of the products, in order to improve it’s customer’s experience.



Amazon offers plenty of free e-books, music, apps, movies and TV shows. You do have to search and comb through to find something good, but hey it’s for free, so it’s worth investing some time. Why is it for free? There are many reasons. Mostly if something is new, the vendor will, for a short period of time, give it out for free. This is to gain traction and hopefully reviews.

I personally, being a bookworm, am always searching for free books. And let me tell you, for years I’ve been reading great books, for free. I just type in my kindle free books category and scroll through the offerings. It can happen sometimes that there is nothing interesting, and other times there is so much that I end up with 20 amazing books, and can’t believe my luck.

If you often buy digital products definitely start looking for free options.



With this we finish the options of getting free stuff from Amazon by Amazon, and move on to other options.



Cashback websites work pretty straightforwardly. They receive percentage for referrals, and share some of that money with their users. 

There are plenty of them, and I actually wrote about some of them previously in this post 5 Genius Ways to Get Free Stuff From Amazon.

So here I’ll just mention a few of them. Check them out, sign up (it’s free) and anytime you want to buy something, first go through cashback websites and see if maybe you can get it for free or at least get a discount.

From all the cashback sites, these are the most popular options TopCashback, Quidco, MyPoints, Wikibuy, Mr.Rebates.

Important advice, withdraw your money from the cashback site immediately it becomes available. 



There are sites that work with sellers and customers. The former offer their products for free in return for the review, and the latter receives said product and gives the review. Again there are plenty of sites that deal with that, Tomoson being the most notable but also there are plenty of others to work with.

Here is a great resource with 60 sites to choose from. So dig in and find your fit.

Another way is, if you have a website or even a small social media profile, you can always contact sellers directly and offer to promote their product to your audience. Many companies will gladly send you a box of their products in exchange for promotion on private social media profiles.



These last two are not actually free, but they are worth mentioning. 


On Amazon Coupons you can get a really good sale. You should definitely check this out every once in a while. Often you may find huge discounts on popular products.



This is not free, and it is a lottery. You might end up with awesome products in a great condition, but also you may end up with a lot of junk. People are returning products for many reasons, not just when products are faulty. And depending on the category you can really profit.

Maybe you like to up-cycle things, then you should definitely check this out. You choose box by categories and there is always a list of products in a box, so you can somehow choose what will be in it, just no in what condition it will be.

To find such boxes simply google liquidation companies for amazon boxes (there are many of them) and roll the dice.



With that we come to an end. These are all the tips I know on how to get free stuff from amazon. Check them out and enjoy your free goodies.



Do you have some secrets up your sleeve on how to get free stuff from amazon? Share your knowledge with us.


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