All the Places Where to Find Amazon Promo Codes, Coupons and Deals

where to find amazon promo codes

There are too many sites promising exclusive and verified amazon promo codes, coupons and deals. 

I know we all like a good bargain. But spending hours in search of a verified, working amazon promo code, just to save a few bucks is not an ideal scenario. So I set out to discover which sites truly do offer reliable codes, coupons and deals. And which ones are just using us to get affiliate commission. 


For the majority shopping at Amazon became a regular activity. Naturally where there is a lot of activity there is an equal amount of opportunities.  And by opportunity I mean scammers trying to take advantage of shoppers. 


To protect myself, and hopefully also my dear readers, from falling into a trap I set out to find trustworthy sites that offer amazon promo codes, coupons and deals. 


DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert, I am just a regular person that decided to register and test out most of the sites promising to offer amazon promo codes.  All opinions are my own personal views, I am not associated with any of these sites. I am however an Amazon affiliate. This post is created as a reference and for informational purposes. I urge you to make all decisions based on your own judgement. 


Where to Find Amazon Promo Codes


Now, before we get to third-party sites, I want to consider Amazons’ own deals. There are few pages that offer discounts and promotions right on the Amazons’ website. And what could be the better place to start looking for deals but right at the source.


Gold Box

amazon gold box

Gold Box is a page where you will find daily deals offered by Amazon and its sellers. Because of it, the page is always up to date. What’s great is that products change every single day and they cover all categories from electronics to groceries. 

For more info go to Amazon. 


Amazon Coupons

Amazon also has its own coupon system. And it’s really convenient, whenever Amazon offers a coupon for a product, literally all you have to do is check the box to apply the coupon.

For more info go to Amazon. 


Amazon Outlet

Amazons’ outlet is a place where overstocked items are sold at discounted prices. 

For more info go to Amazon. 



This is my favorite place to look for Amazon deals. Woot! made deals hunting a fun social activity. They have an active forum where users discuss deals, give reviews and helpful tips. And since Woot! is an Amazon owned company, prime members have more saving opportunities and even bigger deals. Another great thing about Woot!, Is that from time to time they host truly valuable giveaways. 

For more info go to Woot! 



Deal go!go!go!

Deal go!go!go! allows you to browse through a vast collection of amazon promo codes or you can instal their chrome extension. While you’re doing your regular shopping on amazon, the extension will automatically generate and apply any available promo code, at the checkout. It’s convenient, set it and forget it way of saving money while buying things you would buy anyway. 

For more info go to Deal go!go!go! 



Groupon is a well known and reliable site to look for codes and deals. Here you will not find hundreds of codes, but those that are there are all verified and working. Everyday they update codes, deals and sales for Amazon. 

For more info go to Groupon. 


Deal Catcher

Deal Catcher site is updated daily with verified and working codes and deals for Amazon products. They also offer a chrome extension that will apply codes automatically at the checkout. 

For more info go to Deal Catcher. 


Coupon Chief

Thanks to the rewarding Pays-2-Share program the site is a great source of codes and deals. Users are actively searching for working coupons and sharing them on the site. It’s a perfect win-win situation, you save and they get a commission at no additional cost to you. It’s worth checking it out, I would often find good deals that no other site offers. 

For more info go to Coupon Chief. 



Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a reliable site that offers great deals and coupons. They also have a Chrome extension that automatically applies available coupons at the checkout, while shopping you collect credits that are later redeemed for gift cards. And, personally my favorite feature, it alerts you if there is a better price in another store. 

For more info go to Capital One Shopping. 


Coupon Box

Coupon Box is a trusted website that offers codes for many stores including Amazon. Although they don’t offer hundreds of codes and coupons, all of the coupons they do have are verified and working. The reason I included them on this list is that from time to time they get exclusive deals for Amazon, that can’t be found anywhere else. 

For more info go to Coupon Box. 



I didn’t get much use of the website while looking for working codes, but their extension works great. Like others it automatically applies available codes, compares competitor stores to look for lowest price and notifies you if there is any. On top of that you can add all the products you wish to buy to the Droplist and wait for it to notify you when the price drops. 

For more info go to Honey. 


Slick Deals

Slick Deals site really is slick. They are a well rounded site offering Chrome extension to automatically apply coupons, custom deal alerts for your favorite products and they have an active community. Their forum is full of shoppers like you and me just trying to get a good deal and sharing their insights and experiences. 

For more info go to Slick Deals. 


Giving Assistant

Like many other sites, Giving Assistant also offers a Chrome extension that finds codes and applies them at the checkout. What it also does is notify you of a possibility to get a cash back. And then you can choose to donate any percentage of your cash back to your favorite good cause. 

For more info go to Giving Assistant. 



Using promo codes and discount coupons is a good way to save your hard earned money. And when you follow a focused spending plan you will put every cent to good use. 


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