Best Times to Buy on Amazon According to Monthly Sales

best time to buy on amazon

The best time to buy on Amazon is any time. The retail giant offers sales and deals every day of the year. For every category of products, there’s a time of the year when prices are slashed. When you know what’s on sale every month of the year, you will always pay the lowest price. 


No one has the time to track Amazon products and wait for the price to drop. But if you know in advance that sunglasses go on sale in March, then you will invest some time during March to chase down the lowest price for your favorite pair of shades.


So we spent some time tracking down records of past sales on Amazon, and on account of that compiled this guide of best times to buy on Amazon.


What’s on sale this month on Amazon?


January Sales on Amazon 


In January Amazon and 3-party sellers are offering decent discounts across all categories of products. However, some categories will be more discounted than others. 

Holiday decorations are priced lower in January than any other month of the year.  

January also marks the beginning of sales on winter clothing.

Fitness equipment, calendars, planners, beddings, and tools will be marked down in January as well.


February Sales on Amazon 

valentine's day amazon
Valentine’s Day on Amazon

At the beginning of February, right before the Superbowl, TVs are discounted. You will not find TVs at such discounted prices again until November sales.

During February you can also find discounted products for babies on Amazon. Look for nursery essentials, baby gear, and toys.

But the star of the month is Valentine’s day sale on Amazon. Look for jewelry, candles, bath essentials, gift baskets, chocolates, high-end cosmetics. All these products are usually marked down in the days leading up to Valentine’s day.


March Sales on Amazon 


March is the time when winter clothing discounts really hit their peak on Amazon. You can find steep discounts of above 50% on all winter clothes and especially winter sports clothes. Be sure to check Amazon Outlet for the lowest prices.

If you are not about chasing the latest trends then you can seize the opportunity to shop discounted last year’s models of sunglasses and luggage.

In March, every second year (next will be 2022.), the price of the FitBit goes down before the release of the new model next month.


April Sales on Amazon 


Gardening products are marked down in April in preparation for the new gardening season. 

April 22 is Earth Day and that means sustainably produced, natural, and organic products go on sale this month on Amazon. Look for eco cleaning supplies, reusable household items, organic cosmetics, and baby care items.

Lastly, April is a good time to shop for video games which usually go on sale this time of year. 


May Sales on Amazon 


In May you can find countertop appliances discounted on Amazon. Look for coffee makers, food processors, blenders, juicers, toasters, waffle makers, mixers, slow cookers, fryers, and other kitchen appliances. 

In line with countertop appliances, if you like to grow your own herbs be sure to check out aerogardens that go on sale in May.

This month Amazon will also mark down some tech products during Memorial Day sales. Although better offers will be a few months later.


June Sales on Amazon 

Amazon Prime Day

The sale of all sales on Amazon is of course Prime Day. It is hosted in late June and it’s exclusively for Prime members. Although non-members can also find discounts a week prior to Prime Day and a week after. 

During Prime Day almost everything is on sale. Prices are slashed across all categories from electronics, home products, tools, toys, fashion, fitness equipment, beauty products, pet products to books, software programs, art and craft supplies.   

But the biggest discounts you will find on Amazon-made/Amazon-owned products. Definitely check out AmazonBasics products, it’s a treasure trove of great deals. 


3 Most Sold Items on Prime Day 2021:
  1. 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service Ι Regular price $199.00; Prime Day price $99.00
  2. Instant Pot Duo Plus 6-Quart 9-in-1 Ι Regular price $119.99; Prime Day price $55.99
  3. Plant-Based Protein Powder Ι Regular price $55.95; Prime Day price $26.99


July Sales on Amazon 


In July Amazon holds a big Fourth of July sale. During the sale, you can find reduced prices on many products from Lawn&Garden category like grills, barbecue supplies, patio furniture. As well as other warm-weather products like cooling devices, and summer fashion

Other than that July is low on sales, which is no wonder since Amazon’s biggest sale of the year was just a few weeks earlier.

There are now only regular Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals but no other big sales.


August Sales on Amazon 

amazon back to school banner
Back to School with Amazon

The month of August is filled with end-of-season sales. It’s the time when all summer-related products are marked down. If you can think that far ahead, this is the time when you can get everything you’ll need for the next summer at incredibly low prices. 

This month Amazon has a Back-to-School sale where you can find all school supplies (everything from stationery supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes to clothing), and electronics discounted.


September Sales on Amazon 


In September you can find the last of the season’s summer fashion and swimsuits heavily discounted, as well as athleisure fashion. 

For the Labor Day sale, Amazon is dropping prices of grills, smokers, and grilling tools. 

This month also Apple announces the new iPhone, an event which is usually accompanied by the price drop of older models. 


October Sales on Amazon 

amazon halloween sales
Halloween on Amazon

The beginning of October is the last opportunity to shop for outdoor furniture, grills, and gardening tools at low prices. As well as camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, and cookware.

Considering the previous years, you should find prices on jeans slashed during October on Amazon. 

And don’t forget Halloween candy which is always on sale all month long.


November Sales on Amazon 


November is an exciting month for shopping. This is the month of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This means Amazon will be offering some pretty sweet deals. 

There are huge sales on just about anything, and the price is the lowest it will ever get for many items, especially those in the electronics category.

Now is the time to buy a laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, gaming gear, home appliances, tools, etc. 

And not just electronics, everything goes on sale during these November sales on Amazon. So make your Christmas shopping list and snag those deals.

Although you can find deals throughout the month, the biggest discounts will be available only on Thanksgiving (November 25.), Black Friday (November 26.), and Cyber Monday (November 29.).


December Sales on Amazon 


During December prices on everything always go up on Amazon. Simply because there is a big demand and sellers know everyone will be buying regardless of the price. 

But once Christmas is over, inflated prices immediately deflate in time for the Boxing Day sales. 

The biggest sale will be on Christmas-related items (decorations, ornaments, and Christmas-themed household items) and toys. You will also find decent discounts on clothing, beauty productshousehold products, and electronics.



On Amazon, every month of the year holds sales. Now that you know when a certain category of products goes on sale, you can plan your shopping in advance and always pay the lowest price.




Best time to buy on Amazon

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