Sites That Will Pay You Good Money to Write Articles

sites that will pay you to write articles

There is a rise in sites that will pay you to write articles. And no wonder since 70% of people would rather learn about a company through articles than advertisements. This means that more and more companies, big and small, turn to freelance writers to write articles for their companies’ blog.



Whether you want writing to be your full time job or you’re looking for an occasional writing job on the side or maybe you really love to write and wouldn’t mind having a stream of passive income. Well there is a platform for every one of these options. 


Being a freelance writer gives you flexibility and freedom. You get to choose when and with whom you want to work. And you choose your projects and set your price. But it also means you need to find steady work and reliable clients. Which at times may seem like an impossible task.

Luckily there are platforms where experienced and novice writers can find work. 


Sites that will pay you to write articles



iWriter is a good place to find writing gigs. Platform divides writers into four ranks: standard, premium, elite and elite plus. When you first register you start as a standard writer and you can apply only for standard content jobs. You move up the rank by successfully completing writing jobs and receiving positive ratings. Length of content the client requests can range from 150 words up to 6000 words. And you get paid by the fixed rate according to your rank and the length of a content.

It is all very transparent. Clients review and rate writers, but also writers review clients.

Find out more about iWriter here.  


Content Gather

Content Gather offers two ways to earn by writing articles. You can sell your articles on the Marketplace or apply for custom jobs. For Marketplace you choose what you want to write about, how long will be the article and the price for your work. Whereas when you apply for a custom job, the client decides on everything.

If you like to write niche content focused on solving a problem or answering a specific question, then Content Gathers’ Marketplace is a great place to sell such articles. 

Find out more about Content Gather here.  


Constant Content

Constant Content  connects writers with clients looking for unique content for their business. You can upload your finished articles, on any topic you want, onto the platform and sell it for any price you want. Otherwise you can look through job offers from clients and apply to write a custom content that matches your interests.

Find out more about Constant Content here.  




Text Broker

On Text Broker you can find consistent and reliable work. Sign-up requirements are minimal so it’s a good place to start for new freelance writers. There are three ways to find writing jobs. You can choose your own work through OpenOrders. You can get chosen by the client through DirectOrder. Or you can join a Team to work on a TeamOrder.

Find out more about Text Broker here.  


The Content Panel

The Content Panel is managed with the help of AI “Panel Brain”. The “Panel Brain” matches clients with most suitable writers. You only ever see jobs that AI finds right for you. You can claim any job offered to you on the job board. When you claim a job it is only yours, no other writer can claim it anymore. You have at least 72 hours to complete, more if it’s a bigger project. 

Find out more about The Content Panel here.


Crowd Content

Crowd Content does things a little bit differently. The platform took a gamified approach to motivate writers. They keep track of various metrics and scores to reward the top performing writers. All writers are ranked by their quality level and you can see only jobs that are on your level. There are two types of job listings Marketplace and Managed Content. Marketplace is where you find single projects for a client. Managed Content are large-scale projects, there you work for a project manager. 

Find out more about Crowd Content here. 


Content Fly

Content Fly offers support and great rates to their writers as well as tons of free resources to improve your writing. Once you are accepted you can start working. Besides writing articles you can choose to do edits or write social media posts.

Find out more about Content Fly here.





The way nDash works is different from previous platforms. On nDash writers and clients come to form relationships with one another. Once you become a verified writer you get to pitch your ideas to any client in their database for whom you wish to write. Likewise clients go through the writers’ profiles looking for the one they wish to hire.

If you are looking to establish continuous work with a handful of clients, rather than work for a new client every time, then nDash is the place to do that. They do still have open offers from clients for you to apply. But there is not much going on there since that is not the primary intention for clients nor writers.

Find out more about nDash here.


Vocal Media

Vocal Media is a platform created by writers for writers. This is a space where you can explore different topics and writing styles to see how they resonate with readers. All the while making some money. 

There are three ways you get paid to write articles. One way is from the platform, you can earn $3.80 – $6 per 1000 reads. Second way is from the readers, if they like your content they can send you a $1 – $20 tip. And the last way to earn money on Vocal Media is by participating in challenges. Challenges are highly competitive, but prizes are really good. The first prize for the last challenge they held was $10,000. 

Find out more about Vocal Media here.



If you have a lot of niche knowledge that you want to get out of your head while making some money, then you should try HubPages. There is a community of writers for probably any topic you can think of. 

Truth be told, you’ll not get rich, but you might generate a small stream of passive income. On HubPages you can earn through ads and Amazon affiliate links.

Find out more about HubPages here. 





Listverse will pay you $100 for a unique TOP10 list. 


Big publishers

You can send an open offer to any big publisher that you’d like to write for. All you have to do is find the email of a chief editor and send your offer. It may be a long shot, but honestly you got nothing to lose.



Hope you found this list useful!



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