Hacks for Overcoming Writer’s Block as a Content Creator

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Overcoming writer’s block doesn’t have to take weeks or even days. With the right hack you can get back to writing in less than an hour. 


When you’re creating unique content daily it’s common to get hit by the writer’s block. Your brain becomes blank and you’re having difficulties coming up with new ideas. This is completely normal and it happens to everybody from time to time.


What you need to know is that your writer’s block didn’t come out of nowhere, although it may seem like it did. The reason for it exists and you need to find it before you can resolve it.




Solving a problem always starts with understanding what caused it in the first place.

The reason you are unable to write may come from:

    • burnout from pressure to continuously produce quality content  
    • personal problems like relationships, illness, emotional problems…
    • change in beliefs
    • boredom because of the lack of diversity in topics you write about
    • prolonged untreated stress
    • insecurities in your abilities to write quality content
    • too many rules that limit your artistic freedom


Sometimes just naming the problem that caused the block will help. If not try these hacks until you find the one that helps you get back to writing. 


Overcoming Writer’s Block



1 Take time to relax and recharge


When you find yourself unable to write down a single word. Sitting there and trying to squeeze your brain for even a single letter won’t do you any good.

The best thing you can do is to get up and get out. Get some fresh air. Observe the world and people around you. Get some input into your brain. To get something out you also need to put something in. 


2 Engage your hands


Take up some easy hobby. Like origami or something similar that involves your hands. It will occupy you enough to not think about the work you have to do. Yet it will not take too much of your brain space, leaving the work to churn in the background. Don’t be surprised if in the middle of a fold you get a really good idea how to get your message across to your readers.


3 Make it fun


Take the topic you have to write about and write it in a funny or unrealistic way. Taking a different and whimsy approach to the work will ease some of the pressure and stress that you have built up.

Stress blocks creative processes in the brain and causes writer’s block. If you manage to lighten up your mood while working you might relieve stress enough to jump start your creativity again.


4 Give yourself a coffee boost


Many people find caffeine an effective stimulant. Sometimes two shots of sweet espresso are all it takes to finish the work until deadline. 



5 Read news relevant to your work


Sometimes writer’s block occurs when you don’t have enough valuable information on the topic. Read the latest news. Search for interesting facts, statistics, alternative approaches, history etc. to get deeper insight into the topic. Gather all the information you find interesting, with links so you can reference if needed.

Go on forums and find unanswered or poorly answered questions and try to answer them. 

There is nothing wrong with checking out your competition. That way you get to see how they approached the topic and you may notice where you can add value.


6 Write something


Open a new document, write a title of your work. And then write something, anything, even if it’s terrible. Even if it’s just ranting about how you don’t know what to write about. Get it all out of your head.

This random writing might stir up thoughts and inspire you to write something good.


7 Change your environment


Update your writing nook, rearrange the furniture or completely redecorate the space. Try writing in another room or maybe go outside to the park. Changing what you are looking at might help you see things from a different perspective. 


8 Write about the writer’s block


Some writers swear by writing about the writer’s block helps to overcome it. The trick is to write about it until you resolve it and are ready to start writing about your current work. 


9 Listen to relaxing music


Melodies without words are like a balm for the brain. Put on some relaxing sounds or those nature sounds videos that are popular on YouTube. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Try to relax and not think of the work you need to do. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes then try to write and see how it goes. 





Prevention is always easier than fixing a problem. Try some of these activities to stay creative and prevent burnout. 


    • In your free time immerse yourself in an activity completely unrelated to your work.
    • Read books on topics that have nothing in common with your work.
    • Keep a journal.
    • Spend few hours before bed without screens.
    • Go for a walk and try to pay attention to everything around you.
    • Take one full day off work every week.

Do you get affected by the writer’s block? How do you resolve it?


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