30-Day Challenge That Will Change Your Life

30 day challenge change your life

Through simple daily tasks, a 30-day challenge to change your life will give you an opportunity to make a big impact on your life.


30-Day Challenge To Change Your Life

Day 1 Start a Self-growth journal. And write in it every day for the next 30 days. The self-growth journal will be your companion on this life-changing journey. It’ll give you motivation, hold you accountable, and ultimately show you the progress you’ve made. This guide will show you all the steps to keep a self-growth journal. 


Day 2 Declutter your space. Go through all your belongings and throw away everything that doesn’t bring value to your life. Be ruthless with the clutter, it’s the only way. The state of your home is a pretty good representation of your mind. Free up some space in your home to free up space in your mind. 


Day 3 Define your priorities. Take a moment to think about everything that’s most important to you. On a piece of paper write down your priorities in the order of importance. Keep this list close by, and write it on your phone so that you always have it on hand when needed. Whenever you have a decision to make, or you’re just planning your day, make sure that everything you do is in accordance with your priorities. 


Day 4 Morning stretch. Find a morning stretch routine that works for you. Stretching your body first thing in the morning will warm up your muscles, get the blood flowing, increase your mobility, improve your posture, and relieve any built-up tension. Find some stretches you can do in 5 minutes to stretch your body from head to toe.  


Day 5 Go for a walk. Take a long walk by yourself, without headphones. Just you and your thoughts, no distractions. Breathe deeply and try to be present in the moment. And see what happens. Maybe you’ll love it, maybe you’ll hate it. Maybe you’ll solve a problem, and maybe you’ll have a lightbulb moment. 


Day 6 One healthy meal. Choose one meal a day that’ll be healthy. No refined and processed ingredients. Just whole, clean and healthy ingredients. Find delicious recipes and make a weekly plan for your one healthy meal every day. 


Day 7 Morning routine. Set up a good morning routine that’ll energize and motivate you to take action towards your goals. Find a way to start your day in a good mood and fill your bucket so that you have mental and physical energy for the whole day. Try this simple but effective 7-step morning routine to start your days motivated and ready for all the challenges you may face.


Day 8 No phone day. You can use your phone for calls, messages, and work of course. But stay clear of news, socials, and other timewasters. Give your mind a little vacation from all that noise.


Day 9 Keep on learning. Choose a topic and make a commitment to learning more about it. It can be anything from history, everything about one art period, how the internet works, a new language, or how to make knots. Whatever you find interesting at the moment. Dedicate a few hours every week to learning something new. Learning new things creates new neural connections in your brain and keeps your brain in top shape.


Day 10 Evening routine.  Set up a relaxing evening routine. Find slow and comforting activities that’ll signal to your mind that it’s safe to relax and rest. Built-up stress can disrupt your sleep. So having an evening routine that relaxes and prepares you for a restful sleep will do wonders for your well-being. 



Day 11 Pick up a new hobby. Hobbies enrich our lives and personalities. Given enough time and effort your hobby will bring new experiences and opportunities in your life that are often life-changing.


Day 12 Positive thoughts. To change your life, start with your thoughts. All day today try to notice when you start thinking negatively. Then turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. 


Day 13 Physical examination. Make an appointment for a physical examination. Prevention and early diagnosis are essential for a long and healthy life. Take care of your health so that you can enjoy the good life you’re working so hard to create.


Day 14 Do something that scares you. You can only grow when you face difficulties, challenges, and fears. Choose something that scares you and do it anyway. You are much stronger than you think, so give yourself an opportunity to practice that strength.


Day 15 No phone day. Did you enjoy it last time, your brain definitely did. Give it another go and maybe make it a weekly thing. 


Day 16 Goals and dreams. The number one reason why people don’t achieve their goals is that they don’t have a clear goal in mind. Define your goals and dreams in great detail, with your priorities in mind. Write a clear goal statement in your journal (My goal is…).


Day 17 Stress management. Find your go-to activity to release stress. Stress is your inner enemy that’s destroying your mental and physical stress. Knowing how to manage stress and diffuse it is a skill that’ll change your life. Find a few techniques to try out the next time you’re feeling stressed. Keep looking for new techniques until you find the winner. Don’t know where to start? Try these art therapy activities for relaxation.


Day 18 Self-awareness. Start working on your self-awareness. Learn to be aware of your feelings and thoughts. This is the first step to taking full control of yourself and your life. 

110 Eye-Opening Journal Prompts to Develop Self-Awareness

50 Insightful Journal Prompts To Get To Know Yourself Better

Art Therapy Activities To Develop Self-Awareness


Day 19 Do something new. Do something you’ve never done before. Adventure and exploration are essential parts of life. It’s what makes life worth living. It doesn’t have to be anything big but it has to be something you’ve never done in your life.


 Day 20 Let go. Make your peace with the past, with all the mistakes you made and all the wrongs that others did to you. Let go of the burden of the past. Forgive yourself and others, after all, we are all humans, imperfect and flawed. Mistakes are a part of us and a part of life. Accepting this fact will make your life so much more enjoyable.


Day 21 Expand your world. Go to a place you’ve never been before. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far. There are plenty of places you’ve never visited in your vicinity. Your brain loves novelty, it grows and thrives in it. Expand your world by going to new places as often as you can. There’s so much you can learn about yourself and the world once you start expanding and exploring it.


Day 22 No phone day. 


Day 23 Do something new. Keep your life exciting by regularly trying new things. 


Day 24 Find your purpose. There’s no bigger change you can make in your life than to decide on your life purpose and then start living it. Don’t know how to figure out what’s your purpose? There is a great article with 7 questions you can answer to find your life purpose.


Day 25 Positive thoughts. Your thoughts shape your life. Make sure they are positive. 


Day 26 Anything you want. Imagine you can do anything you want. What would you do? How would you go about making it happen? Write about it in your journal.


Day 27 Create a vision board. Believe it or not but vision boards work wonders. They make your goals and dreams tangible and help you stay focused and motivated to work on them. Look at the vision board every day and say “I know I CAN make this happen. How can I make this happen?” Your brain will work hard in the background to provide you with an answer. 


Day 28 Write a bucket list. Make a list of everything you want to do in your life. 


Day 29 Join a library. Borrow three non-fiction books every three weeks. Keep a reading journal while reading, and write a review (or a summary) of every book you read. 


Day 30 Reflect. How did you change in the last 30 days? What did you learn? Which activity made the most impact on your life? What will you do next? Write about it in your journal 


Life is a work in progress 

A life worth living is not a destination but a journey. And as with every journey, it has its uphills and downhills. If now you’re at the bottom that just means there’s only up to go, but only if you keep climbing. 

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