16 Adorable Mini Christmas Desserts From Around The World

Take a trip around the world, right at the dinner table with most delicious Christmas desserts. Every country has its own traditions, and some of the best traditional Christmas desserts have taken on a mini form. Needles to say they are sweeter than their full-size counterparts.



Mini Christmas Fruitcake

Location: England

Nothing says more about peoples’ fondness for a fruitcake than the fact that January 7th is the fruitcake toss day. But these frosted mini fruitcakes are so adorable that they just might change the old fruitcakes fate.

christmas fruitcake

Mini Buche de Noel

Location: France

Tradition of burning 12 logs of a single tree during 12 days of Christmas is gone. But that tradition left behind a delicious dessert. Light vanilla sponge rolled with rich chocolate buttercream. Decorated to look like a log. And now made mini, as if chocolate rolls are not tempting enough.

buche de noel

Mini Pavlova

Location: New Zealand

Summer meets winter in the adorable mini cranberry pavlova. Perfect symbol for Christmas in the summer.


Mini Stollen 

Location: Germany

Iconic German sweet bread is actually a version of Christmas fruitcake. It is a dense sweet bread full of sweet marzipan and rum-soaked fruit. The full bread might be too intimidating but mini stollen bites are a delicious Christmas treat.

stollen bites

Mini Panettone 

Location: Italy

Take your taste buds on a trip to Italy. Origins of this sweet, rich yet light cake date all the way back to ancient Rome. It evolved through the years until it peaked in this mini form. 


Mini Malva Pudding

Location: South Africa

These caramelly-spongy little cakes are a simple and delicious dessert. Not long ago this cake crossed the borders of it’s homeland and delighted everyone who has ever tried it. If you haven’t yet I strongly suggest you try it this very holiday season.

malva pudding

Mini Gingerbread Cake

Location: Worldwide

What is known as a gingerbread cake in the US and UK, it is pain d’épices in France, lebkuchen in germany, pepperkaker/pepparkakor in Nordic countries and so on. Almost every country in the world having its own version of this spicy cake, makes it the feature of Christmas. 

gingerbread cake

Mini Baked Alaska 

Location: USA

This cake is a real showstopper. And making little individual baked alaskas for everyone at the table is impressive. It might look complicated to make a cake like this, but in reality preparation is pretty simple.

baked alaska

Mini Sticky Toffee Pudding 

Location: England

Although this pudding is enjoyed throughout the fall/winter season as a big messy piece of gooey cake, visually not worthy of a festive table. When made in a mini bundt shape and beautifully decorated it becomes the perfect Christmas dessert.

sticky toffee pudding

Mini Linzer Torte

Location: Austria

Austrian pride themselves in their linzer torte being the oldest cake in the world. Is it true or not doesn’t matter much when sweet, crispy, jam filled dessert is this tasty.

linzer torte


Location: Iceland

Long forgotten traditional Icelandic dessert made for every major celebration as well as Christmas. Well forgotten mostly by the Icelanders but started to make a come-back in the rest of the world. It consists of layers of cardamom flavored shortbread filled with prune jam and it is delicious.


Pan de Pascua

Location: Chile

This is a traditional Chilean Christmas cake. It is a sweet, flavorful dense cake full of nuts and dried/candied fruits. It is something of a cross between panettone and stollen. It is sweetened with honey and spiced with ginger.

pan de pascua

Mini Makowiec

Location: Central And East Europe

Yeast bread roll filled with poppy seeds or walnut filling is a traditional Christmas dessert in many European countries. Recipe doesn’t differ much from country to country but every family does have it’s own variation when it comes to spices and ratios. Recent variations on a traditional recipe is the new fillings like chestnut and chocolate.



Location: Greece

Dipla means folded and it is a traditional dessert for every celebration in Greece. Dough is rolled out thin then folded into a roll and fried in hot oil. Then diples are soaked in warm honey and sprinkled with crushed walnuts. Fingerlickinglicious.


Peppermint Divinity

Location: USA

It’s divine to have a sweet snack like this for Christmas. And it makes for a pretty centerpiece. It is an old southern holiday treat usually made with pecans. But giving them a peppermint flavor and a sprinkle of crushed candy cane just makes them more jolly.


Eggnog Mini Loaf

Location: Worldwide

Sweet breads, pound cakes and loaves are common Christmas desserts around the world. Perfect for enjoying a slice with coffee after a big feast. And eggnog flavored mini loaf is perfectly appropriate for the season.

eggnog loaf


Discover more traditional Christmas desserts from around the world

christmas cakes around the world
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What are traditional Christmas desserts in your country? Share with us in the comments, we would love to know.


Merry Christmas and happy baking!

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