Yarn Decor Ideas to add Warmth and Style to Your Home

yarn decor

Make your house all fuzzy and soft with some yarn decor. Yarn decorations and accessories bring new textures to your space. Making it more interesting and personal.

Even the simplest knitted rug will have a big impact on the room. And those soft pom-pom ones are amazing for stepping on them first thing in the morning.

Wall hangings can be new forms of art. And who said garland can’t be used all year round.

Utility meets charm in crocheted/knitted storage baskets. They can be used to organize the bathroom, keep blankets and extra pillows by the sofa, as a laundry basket or to keep various bits and pieces in one place.

There are so many unique and amazing ideas that I want to share with you today.



Yarn Decor in the Living Room



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Yarn Decor in the Kitchen

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Yarn Decor in the Bathroom

Yarn Decor in the Bedroom

Yarn Decor on the Walls


Do you use yarn to decorate your home, what is your favorite yarn decor?

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