25 Genius Kitchen Tools That Will Save You Time Every Day

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When it comes to kitchen tools and gadgets, I must confess, I am a hoarder. If I see something remotely useful I must have it. I know many will say it’s waste of money and these tools just create clutter. But I still think whoever cooks regularly will agree with me that these products are a must have.

Today I will share with you my favorite


1. Multi-Functional Slicer

This tool makes slicing so much easier.

kitchen tools

2. Drumstick Herb&Spice Infuser

Useful little tool. No more searching through pot for bay leafs, or accidental bite into peppercorn.

kitchen tools

3. Herb Stripper

I always use a lot of fresh herbs while cooking and this leaf makes it faster to separate leafs from stem.

kitchen tools

4. Food Chopper

This is one of the most useful tools ever. I chop onions, herbs, pickles, capers, anchovies, or anything that needs to be finely chopped with it. I have yet to find better tool.

kitchen tools

5. Avocado Saver

Me and many other users of this product can confirm that this is the best tool to keep that avocado half fresh for few more days. Just sprinkle with little lemon or lime juice.

kitchen tools

6. 9 Piece Multifunctional Set

I find this set to be perfect housewarming gift. Set includes pizza cutter, apple corer, vegetable peeler, strip cutter, multifunctional bottle opener, cheese slicer, grater, scoop and stand

kitchen tools

7. Clip&Drain

When you have a small kitchen colander are such a waste of space. They are big as bowls but they are not bowls. And juggling hot pot and lid to carefully drain boiling water is not so easy task. Enter this handy tool, takes no space and does the job.

kitchen tools

8. Bag Holder

I like to prep meals ahead, pack them in little bags, label and freeze.

kitchen tools

9. Waffles Silicon Mold

I find baked waffles much more fluffy and soft than waffles made with waffle iron.

kitchen tools

10. Silicone Easy Pour Spout

If you are in the club of clumsy pourers that you need this.

kitchen tools

11. Avocado Slicer

This tool makes cleaning and slicing of avocado a matter of seconds. You don’t want your avocado get brown before you slice it, it ruins pictures 😉

kitchen tools

12. Silicone Measuring Cup

It’s genius. It’s bendable for easy pouring.

kitchen tools

13. Garlic Rocker With Peeler

I am one of those people who puts garlic ( and a lot of it) in every dish. And this is what saves me soo much time.

kitchen tools

14. Twist wisk

Wisks always take so much space in drawers. Until now!

kitchen tools

15. Odour Remover

Some ingredients have strong smell that stays on hands for some time and no soap can take it away. Except stainless steel soap.

kitchen tools

16. Clip&Dip

For all of us that don’t like dips touching our food until we decide so.

kitchen tools

17. Piece of Cake Knife

kitchen tools

18. Banana Slicer

kitchen tools

19. ICY SHOTS – Ice Cube Molds

kitchen tools

20. Spaghetti Measure

No more too much or too little pasta.

kitchen tools

21. Silicone Stretch Lids

Lids for everything. Literally everything.

kitchen tools

22. Kiwi Tool

I’ve been doing that spoon trick to clean kiwi, but this is so much faster and better.

kitchen tools

23. Roll Up Drying Rack

kitchen tools

24. Vegetable Spiralizer

kitchen tools

25. Citrus Press & Citrus Sprayer

This is the best citrus juicer. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to get juice out of those citrus fruits. And that sprayer is just so cool, I like to spray my salad with lemon juice.

kitchen tools


And that’s it. These are 25 of my favorite kitchen tools that I simply can’t do without.

What are your must-have kitchen tools?

25 kitchen tools
kitchen tools

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One thought on “25 Genius Kitchen Tools That Will Save You Time Every Day

  1. Wow, these are very cool kitchen gadgets. I especially like the slicer, spice infuser and the avocado half saver. I got to get me these. Thanks for sharing these great gadgets.

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