10 House Cleaning Hacks for Quick&Efficient Cleaning

cleaning house hacks

Everybody loves having a clean house. Having everything in order and clean makes us feel better about ourselves and our life. It makes us feel in control and like we are doing things right. On the other hand getting up and actually cleaning house is something everybody dread and put away because let’s be honest we can all find something better to do. That’s why I compiled this great list of house cleaning hacks to make my cleaning sessions quicker and more efficient.

house cleaning hacks
This doesn’t have to be you

House Cleaning Hacks

1. No-scrubbing technique for cleaning sinks, bath and shower

sink cleaning hack
Inspired by: apartmenttherapy

Soak paper towels or those reusable cleaning wipes in white vinegar and line sinks, bath and shower with soaked wipes. Don’t forget to wrap facets and handles too. While vinegar is doing all the work you go get yourself a cup of coffee and relax. After 30 minutes remove wipes and rinse with hot water.

I especially like these wipes because they are very durable and absorbent.

2. Toilet brush hack

Pour domestos (or similar product) in brush bowl. This way brush is not only scrubing the toilet bowl clean but it’s also disinfecting it.

3. Always-clean fridge

Clean fridge is…well.. a must. Dirty fridge is gross and it shortens the shelf life of products inside it. But cleaning fridge is one of the most tedious chores. That is why I do one simple trick that shortens cleaning time and ensures a clean fridge all the time. I wrap fridge shelves with cling wrap. This completely eliminates the need for scrubbing, rinsing and drying shelves. When wrap gets dirty I simply replace it with a clean one in less then a minute. And for drawers I use paper towels because they soak the moisture, ensuring the produce will last longer.

4. Clean&Fresh bed

house cleaning hacks

This is a neat little trick that will make your bed clean and fresh and it goes beyond just changing linens. If you want your bed to be clean and smell fresh longer do this every few months. After you strip all the linens from the bed thoroughly vacuum the mattress. Then generously spray entire mattress with baking soda dissolved in hot water (1 part baking soda and 3 parts hot water). Leave it to dry out for few hours, then dress up your bed as usual and enjoy.

5. Long lasting carpet freshener

house cleaning hacks

Do your carpets have a stale and unpleasant smell that expands above and beyond and no amount of candles or room fresheners can cover it up? Well there is a quick and simple fix for that problem. After a good vacuuming session spray the carpets with this solution. Mix in a spray bottle 2 parts water, 1 part baking soda and a few drops of essential oil. Eucalyptus, cedar or sandalwood are all great options for a natural and homey feeling.

6. Easy Clean Oven

oven cleaning hacks
Inspired by: thekitchn

If you are not cleaning your oven this way you are seriously missing out. It’s so simple. First make a paste from 1 cup of baking soda and 3 tablespoons of water. Then with a brush spread that paste all over the oven (avoiding heating elements), close the door and leave for 12 hours. When the time is up open the oven and spray with white vinegar. With a damp cloth wipe out the oven. If your oven is in critical condition you may not be able to clean it completely the first time, but repeat at least once a week and it’ll get there.

7. Bye-bye mildew

If you find those ugly spots somewhere in your house there is no need to waste time and money on specialized products when all your troubles can be solved with one simple ingredient. Bleach. In a spray bottle dilute 1 part bleach with 10 parts water. Shake it and spray it. Bye-bye mildew.

8. Magically erase the dirt

house cleaning hacks
Inspired by: buildingourstory

Those window frames and windowsill can be hard to clean especially if they were ignored for some time. They are real dirt magnet, but luckily there is no need for lots of chemicals and scrubbing. Just damp magic eraser. It will be quick and painless I promise.

9. Microfiber and a broom

house cleaning hacks
Inspired by: thekrazycuponlady

Looking at that ever growing spider web in the corner of your living room you shrug thinking well spiders have to live somewhere. This doesn’t have to be you. Quickly attach the microfiber cloth to the broom and wipe away all the dust and cobwebs from hard to reach places.

10. Smart vacuum-cleaning

house cleaning hacks

For more efficient vacuum cleaning professional cleaners give this advice. Don’t go around pushing and pulling vacuum chaotically in all directions, this only moves dirt around. The right way is to slowly pull it in organised fashion. Imagine your floor has lines and you go line by line pulling vacuum cleaner to allow it to catch every bit of dirt.

These are my top ten tricks that I use to keep my home clean. I hope you will try them out and if you have some tricks up your sleeve share in comments below I would love to read them.

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