Create A Financial Freedom Vision Board That Will Fuel Your Success

Financial freedom is a big goal that requires careful planning, a lot of motivation, and most of all laser-sharp focus. That’s where the financial freedom vision board comes in. It’s a tool that will keep you motivated and focused on your goal. 

How can a vision board help you achieve financial freedom?

The way in which a vision board can help you achieve financial freedom is twofold. First, there is the process of creating the vision board, and second is the daily exposure to it. During the creation process, you determine a clear goal that is in line with your values and you come up with steps you could take to succeed. Once you create the vision board, use it every day as a source of focus and motivation. 

Having a visual representation of your goal, every day, in front of your eyes is helpful in many ways. Vision board will keep you focused on your goal of financial freedom so that you are less likely to fall into a trap of impulse buying. It will make you more mindful about where you’re spending your money, that way you’ll be more likely to make smart financial decisions. Images on the vision board are there to stir your imagination and evoke positive emotions, excitement, and optimism to follow through with your plan. This will increase your chances of success because you’ll no longer see putting money aside for savings or investments as a restriction but as a gift to your future self. 



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What should you put on your vision board for financial freedom? 

A vision board is a collage of images and words that represent the goal you want to achieve, and depict what your life will look like once you achieve the goal. A good, detailed vision board will also feature action steps you could take to reach the goal and motivation to keep you going when you hit an obstacle. 

  • Your big goal in a form of a picture or words or both
  • Milestones and steps you’ll take to reach the goal 
  • Checklists of knowledge, skills, actions, and tools you’ll need to reach your goal
  • Words and affirmations that build your confidence
  • Quotes that motivate you and give you strength 
  • Images that represent what financial freedom looks like for you
  • Savings trackers

Supplies you’ll need to create a vision board

Basic supplies to make a vision board are a large piece of cardboard (or thick paper), glue, magazine cutouts, and a marker. Of course, you can make a more elaborate vision board with lots of extras. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Here are some supplies you could use to create a beautiful and truly personal board.

Where to find pictures for the vision board?

There are two main sources you can go to, to find suitable pictures for your financial freedom vision board. Lifestyle magazines should have a wide range of pictures on most topics. But if you have a particular goal then choose magazines that write about that topic. For example, if your goal is to be live a nomadic lifestyle then choose travel magazines. If you don’t have access to a bunch of magazines then searching through the web is a better option. Use google images, Pinterest, or Instagram to find pictures, since that is for personal use you’ll not be violating any copyrights. When you have all the pictures you like just print them out and use them to make your vision board.

How to make a financial freedom vision board

The process of creating a vision board is divided into three steps:

1. Define your vision

Start by defining what financial freedom means to you. Is it retiring early, or having enough money so you don’t rely on salary, or maybe being able to afford a luxurious lifestyle, or is it living a nomadic lifestyle, or maybe living self-sufficiently on your own land? Whatever your main goal is you need to define it clearly. Once you know what your main goal is try to figure out the steps you need to take to reach that goal. Once you know the steps, list all the tools, skills, and help you’ll need to accomplish the goal.

This is probably the most important step of creating a vision board. It will take some serious thinking and decision-making, so take your time don’t rush. Get into details, define exactly how you will know that you achieved your goal,  imagine what your average day would look like from then on. Write it all down, and when you’ll be looking for pictures try and find those that represent the most that vision of the future.

2. Gather supplies

When you have a clear goal and plan to reach it, it’s time to gather all the supplies. 

Look for pictures that represent your goal, that show what your life could look like once you reach the goal. To find pictures you can search online and print out images that resonate with your desires, or you can clip pictures from magazines. 

Next, choose the board type and bonding agent. It can be a cork board with push pins, a magnetic board with magnets, or a paper board with glue. The paper board is permanent, once you make it there is no way of changing it. While cork board and the magnetic board can both be updated, rearranged, and changed as many times as you want. 

Create add-ons like power words, quotes, lists, and trackers. To make add-ons take a piece of paper, construction paper and markers work best here, and write words and quotes you find empowering and motivating. Make lists of steps, tasks, tools, skills, wishes, needs, or anything else you find appropriate for your goal. Another really nice addition to the financial freedom vision board is a savings tracker or a progress tracker. It’s motivating to see how far you got and how much more you need to get to your goal.

3. Create a vision board

Now that you know what you want and what you need to get it, and you have all the necessary supplies it’s time for the fun part. Putting it all together and creating a visually appealing collage of your desired future. There are many templates you can choose for your vision board. Like dividing the board into columns one for the big goal, another for the milestones, then one for lists, and one for trackers. Or you can make it in concentric circles, the inner circle would be your main goal, then a ring around it would contain milestones, and so on. Another way is to divide the board into squares. Or you can skip the template and just randomly arrange everything on the board.  

Can a vision board be digital?

Absolutely, you can make a digital version of the vision board and keep it as your desktop picture. You can use a free online program like Canva. Canva offers plenty of free stock pictures, templates, fonts, and other elements that are useful to create a beautiful vision board.

Financial freedom vision board inspiration

Now that you know how to create a financial freedom vision board here are a few vision boards to give you inspiration and ideas for making your own. 


financial freedom vision board inspiration
financial freedom vision board inspiration
financial freedom vision board inspiration
financial freedom vision board inspiration
financial freedom vision board inspiration
financial freedom vision board inspiration


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