5 essentials for a luxurious spa day at home

spa day at home

Creating your private spa day at home is a great way of relaxing and restoring energy to body and mind.

Spa centers are great but sometimes you just don’t want to be surrounded by people. Sometimes you just need relaxing alone time with water, bubbles and candles. Sometimes you just need your own private spa day at home.

Having your own little spa retreat in the comfort of home will relax and fill your whole body with happy feelings in less than an hour (and for a fraction of the price).

There are many ways to bring spa-feel to your own bathroom. Sometimes just a longer hot shower will do. But there are days when you want something more than just a shower. When you really want to indulge and treat yourself in the comfort of home.

This is a frame on which you can build your personalized home spa that fulfills all your needs.

Here are 5 essentials to bring that spa luxury into your bathroom.


spa day at home

First you will need candles. And a lot of them. The cheapest way to create relaxing and luxurious spa atmosphere is lighting a lot of candles and making them the only source of light. Have candles of all shapes and sizes, new ones, used ones, tall and short ones, tea lights and those huge candles with three wicks. Light them all, turn of the bulb and step into your private oasis.

2.Hot bath with bubbles&salt

spa day at home

Fill the bath with hottest water you can handle, add your bubble bath and fist full of salt. Invest in a really good bubble bath that smells great and it’s nourishing for your skin. For salt you have few options. There is epsom salt that relaxes muscles and loosens stiff joints, it pairs great with eucalyptus or mint. Then you have pink himalayan salt that detoxifies your body and pairs well with rose and other flowery notes. Lastly there is coarse sea salt that relaxes and enhances circulation, pair it with citrusy aromas for a well rounded experience. Immerse yourself in hot aromatic water. Allow therapeutic properties of water cleanse and relax your body and soul.

3.Wooden massagers

spa day at home

If you yet haven’t found the advantages of a wooden massage roller, it’s about time you do. Wooden massage roller is a real home spa essential. Take it with you to the bath and gently massage your legs arms and belly. Advantages are many, not only will it relax your muscles, but it will also reduce cellulite and tone your skin. But best of all it feels great. It’s like a real massage and you can’t have a spa day without a massage.

4.Fluffy towel

spa day at home

One of the best things about spa centers are their thick fluffy towels. Good towel is an essential part of spa experience. Therefore you should invest in one really good towel which will only be your spa towel. When you finish with bath and massage wrap yourself in your soft fluffy towel and enjoy the feeling for a while.

5.Face mask

spa day at home

Lastly to bring the spa to your home you will need a face mask. Use your favorite mask that is nourishing for your skin type. I personally prefer to use the clay masks or gold mask which are good for most skin types. Clay mask will deeply cleanse your face, whereas gold mask will make you feel pampered and it will make your skin glow.

After a spa treatmant like this you will feel relaxed, energized and full of confidence to achieve all your goals.

These are essentials to make your own luxurious spa day at home. Tweak it to suit your secific desires, add or take depending on a moment and feeling. Try something different every time. Surprise yourself and you might even learn something new about yourself you didn’t know before.

spa day at home
spa day at home
spa day at home
spa day at home

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