8 Energy-Boosting Snacks You Will Love to Eat Before a Workout

eat before workout

What you eat before workout will directly determine the effectiveness of your workout as well as your overall enjoyment of the time spent working out. We all know how hard it is to make yourself actually do the workout, so don’t sabotage yourself before you even start.

If you are thinking of fasting before workout session, you may want to reconsider that decision. Even if your goal is to lose weight that is not the best way. During the workout you will feel hungry, lethargic and weak resulting in poor performance.

On the other hand if you eat wrong kind of food, digestion may slow you down. Because during exercise large amounts of blood are being sent to muscles and in the same time flow to the stomach is minimized. Because of this you don’t want to consume heavy foods that require a lot of effort to digest.

eat before workout

Light snacks that are easily accessible energy sources are the best choice to eat before workout. Simple carbs are easily digested and provide immediate energy. While fats and fibers require a lot of work and slowly release energy.

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eat before workout

8 energy-boosting snacks to eat before workout:

    • 1 medium banana
    • A handful of dried fruit like apricots, raisins, cranberries, figs, banana chips
    • 1 cup fruit compote
    • 1 rice cake and half apple
    • 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese with passion fruit
    • 1 toast with 1/2 tablespoon of honey or jam
    • 1 small granola bar
    • 40 g dark chocolate (min.70% cacao)
eat before workout

These are all great snack to eat before workout that provide quick energy. They are light and easy to digest and quantities are just right to make you feel satiated but not full. Choose one snack and eat it 30-15 minutes before workout.



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eat before workout

Now this is not a snack but I found that drinking a cup of black coffee half hour before workout delays fatigue and I can work longer. Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant, coffee itself has zero calories and therefore gives no real energy. What it does give is the feeling of energy. I found that coffee combined with energy-boosting snack is a great combo.

Just a little reminder that caffeine will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Now regular coffee drinkers are used to this, but if you are not maybe you should skip coffee. If you still want caffeine stimulation maybe opt for black tea.

Coffee or no, don’t forget to drink enough water throughout the day.

And have fun!


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eat before workout
eat before workout
eat before workout
eat before workout

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