Want To Be More Productive? Answer These Three Questions Every Single Day!

three questions for productivity

Answer these three questions every day to tap into your internal motivation. Productivity is not something only chosen people have while the rest of us are just struggling to stay awake. Productivity is the product of a focused mind and clear priorities. A focused mind is easily achieved with one simple thing called a guided journal.


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How can writing a journal improve your productivity

Prompted journals are tools that can help you better understand yourself. Once you know why you’re doing something, you can work on improving. If you’re struggling with procrastination, then understanding what it is that makes you procrastinate will eventually help you overcome procrastination. And sometimes it’s just about defining a problem for a solution to come to your mind. 

Writing in a journal every day, guided by prompts specifically created to help you gain insight into your behavior and motivation, will help you stay focused and see where exactly you’re “losing” productivity. You’ll also keep reminding yourself of your goals and motivations. We all know what you think you create. It’s not magic. It’s just that where your thoughts are that’s where your actions will go. 

If you want to be productive and motivated to consistently go after those big dreams, then you need to have a clear picture in your mind. You need to know exactly what you want and you need to remind yourself every day of that. This is where the journal comes into play. It’s a space for you to express your thoughts, hopes, and desires to keep you focused. But instead of just scribbling a stream of thoughts, journal prompts will guide your thought to achieve a specific result. 

In the case of these three journal prompts, the result will be improved productivity.  


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How to start a journal for productivity

Before we go on to the three questions, first, you should set up your journal for productivity. 

Start a journal for productivity with a quick assessment. 

You’ll write four lists: 

1. My goals, wishes, and desires

Write all your big and small goals. Write with big, bold letters your biggest, most important goal, and gradually downsize letters as the goals get smaller or less important. This will make the list more visually intelligible. It will help you keep your biggest goal always in the main focus. 


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2. What motivates me

Now it’s time to dig deeper. What’s your why? What pushes you to go forward? What is your driving power that makes you get up even when you’re ready to give up? Define your motivations, this will remind you of why you’re doing what you’re doing when life gets difficult.

3. My biggest obstacles 

What is preventing you from achieving everything you want? You need to know what you’re fighting against to be able to defeat it. Is it money? Maybe you can find a way to earn more or save. Is it time? Maybe you can organize better, delegate or maybe you’re wasting too much time on time-sucking activities. Is it procrastination? Try keeping a journal for productivity! Define your obstacles and then try to come up with ways to overcome those obstacles. This will help you understand what’s stopping you from moving forward with your goals. And it will make you define ways you can overcome those obstacles. 

4. My past accomplishments

Everything you accomplished until now is a testament to what you’re capable of. And this should be an ever-growing list, so leave a few pages to write in every new accomplishment. When you’re writing your accomplishments, don’t underestimate your achievements. There is no small accomplishment, especially if you had to fight your inner demons to get it done. Acknowledge it and be proud of yourself. 


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Three journal prompts for productivity

Once you set up your journal for productivity by writing those four lists it’s time to get into the three daily journal prompts for productivity. This is where the “magic” happens. Answer these three questions every day and you’ll watch your productivity soar. 

What do I want to accomplish?

This is the space where you get to write about your goals every day. Share a new detail or a new thought. Write about your big goal and smaller ones. Describe how you’ll feel or how your life will improve once you achieve the goal. Don’t worry if your entries get repetitive. That’s the point. Repetition will solidify the goal in your mind and it will make you even more determined to achieve it. Holding a big picture in your mind, while going through day-to-day grind will give meaning to all your actions which will make it all so much easier. 

What did I do yesterday that made my life easier today?

To achieve any goal, big or little, there is a number of tasks you need to do. One thing more done yesterday is one less thing to do today. Write down all the big tasks and little things you did yesterday that made your life better and easier today. Thank your yesterday self for doing a good job so that today you can move on to other things. It’s important for your motivation to acknowledge and appreciate everything you did. It will show you that hard work does pay off and that you can do what you set your mind to. People often procrastinate when they fear they will not be able to accomplish something or that their hard work will be for nothing. But when you take time to acknowledge that because of yesterday’s work your life is better today you’ll see the true value of your actions and be motivated to continue.

What can I do today to make my life easier tomorrow?

With this fresh appreciation for your past actions, create an action plan for today. Write down everything you wish to accomplish that day, and define a minimum that you must do by the end of the day. This will set clear priorities. Now if you write down every day all the tasks you must do and then also all the tasks it would be good to do, then you clearly communicate what is a priority and what is optional. Lack of productivity often comes from fear in abilities and being overwhelmed with the greatness of your goals. Fear we sorted at the beginning of the journal. The overwhelm will be sorted by prioritizing. Think of your to-do list in this way, everything you do today is one less thing to do tomorrow. 



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