Free Online Resources You Can Use to Learn Any Language

Free Language Learning Resources

Learning a new language doesn’t have to cost you one cent. Everything you need for learning a language can be found for free, online from the comfort of your home. There are many resources, websites and apps to choose from, and even paid softwares sometimes offer a free limited version. Here I compiled a list of resources I personally use and love when I want to learn a language. Whether you just want to pick up the basics of a language, or learn enough to be able to read or speak or both, here you will find a free resource for all your language learning needs.

Free Online Resources for Learning Language

1.Live Lingua Project

Live Lingua Project is a huge free language learning resource. It contains thousands of textbooks, audio and video materials for more than 130 languages. Their mission is to make language learning accessible to everybody.

Learning Language Dictionary

2.Learn a Language

Learn a Language is a great place to start learning a new language. Through cleverly organised materials, games and activities you will get the basics of a language. 


3.Surface Languages

On this website you will find exactly what is said in the name. You will gain little insight into the language. Just enough to see if this is the language you want to continue to pursue. 


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The most popular place to learn a language for free. With a game like experience you will learn and have fun. With just 15 minutes per day you will get to the A2 level of your target language in a few months’ time.



Memrise uses a flashcard approach to language learning. You can use it to build up your vocabulary. It’s made up of a large variety of courses and vocabularies which are completely user-generated (that’s why quality sometimes may vary). 

Free Language Learning Resources


Clozemaster uses a similar gamified approach as duolingo, with one exception it focuses on less common, more difficult words. Use it after you’ve learned the basics of a language to broaden your vocabulary.



Another user generated website that connects you with native speakers to help you work on your pronunciation. You submit a text you want to hear read aloud by a native speaker and then wait for it. If you want to speed up your submission you can record your voice for the request in your native language. 




HelloTalk is a platform that connects language learners across the world. Immerse yourself completely by chatting and texting with native speakers to learn real conversational language.


9.Lang 8

This is a platform that you can use to improve your grammar and writing skills. You submit your text for natives to correct it, and you can help others by correcting their writings in your native language.


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10.Polyglot Club

Find your language exchange friends on this social network that connects language learners across the world. Immersion is the key to learning a language and this is just the place to start. Watch language learning videos, chat online, get your text corrected and find language exchange events all over the world.



Quizlet is another website that uses a flashcard approach. You can choose from a large variety of card sets or create your own. It’s categorised by topic for easier navigation. Great free tool to help you build a vocabulary.  

Free Language Learning Resources


On Cooljugator you will find easy to use tables with verb conjugations.

To help you start, they compiled a list of 50 most common verbs.



This is the place you go to when you want to improve your pronunciation.

Forvo is an ever growing, user generated, collection of pronounced words.



One of the best ways to intuitively pick up vocabulary and grammar, without long and tedious memorising, is by reading. In the free version Redlang offers lots of native texts, in plenty of languages to choose from, categorised by difficulty from A1 to C2. 



FSI is a huge database of public domain courses. 



For more information and resources check out Language Learning Forum and subreddits like r/Languagelearning


These are my favorite go-to free resources for learning a language. If you know of any other free resources please share in the comments. 

Happy learning!

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