How to be Happy Again: Forgotten Rules of a Happy Life

how to be happy again

In every life comes a time when you feel like everything is against you and you wonder how to be happy again


Life seems like an endless struggle from which you don’t see the way out. You don’t see a glimmer of hope in the future. And you think all your attempts will end in failure. 


And there lies the source of the problem. It’s not your life situation that is in the way of your happiness, it’s your thoughts. 


In every corner of the world you can see people living life filled with hardship, struggles, loss and pain, who manage to find happiness in life and face difficulties with grace. 


On the other hand you can see people living a comfortable, safe life surrounded by loving family and friends, who are deeply unhappy and can’t find a way to enjoy all the good they have in life. 


Why is it so? 


Because happiness is a mindset. Happiness comes from within. And it’s not affected by your life situation but by your thoughts. 


With an unhappy mindset, even if you would get everything you ever wanted, you would still be unhappy. Life situations don’t change your mindset. Only your thoughts change your mindset. 

how to be happy again

Happiness comes as a reward for appreciating life and it’s many mysteries. 


While in a constant search for more material goods and pleasures we forget that we are much more than this body. In a drudge of day to day life we forget that our very existence is the biggest mystery and a miracle. 


Through thought corrections you regain control over your thoughts. Everything can slip away from your grip. You don’t even have real control of your body, like your heartbeat and all other bodily functions that work inside independent of your will. But your thoughts are the only thing you really have control over in your life. 


There are rules you can follow to take control of your thoughts and finally find true happiness. 

how to be happy again



Accept what is


Acceptance is the first step you need to take on your way to find happiness. 

When you find yourself in a situation you don’t like, change what you can and what you can’t change, accept. 

Don’t think about it too much, don’t even ask yourself why something happened. Thinking about it won’t change anything. Now you may think neither will acceptance change. And you’re right it won’t BUT you will change. 

Once you start accepting life with all it’s ups and downs, you will start feeling profound peace and happiness. 

At first you will experience strong inner resistance, but the more you practice acceptance the easier it will be. 


Don’t expect anything


When you’re expecting something (material or non material) from a person or a situation you are priming yourself for disappointment. 

When you expect something in your mind your expectation is already realized, your brain believes you already received what you’re expecting. And if in reality your expectation doesn’t get fulfilled you experience feelings of loss. 

Although you never had it, your expectation made you believe you do. 

Without being fully aware your day is filled with many small expectations that often don’t get realized. You expect SO to do something romantic, boss to reward your hard work, children to clean up their mess. And when it doesn’t happen you get disappointed. 

But if you go through life without expectations, you are open for pleasant surprises and happiness that comes with them. 

Be grateful for what you have


Nothing in life is guaranteed. What you now have tomorrow might be lost. 

Appreciate people that are a part of your life while they are still a part of it, because you never know when they’ll be gone. 

Enjoy the safety and warmth of your home because you don’t know what tomorrow brings.

When you find yourself having negative thoughts, stop and find something to be grateful for. 


Have faith 


Whether you find it through one of the religions or your own individual thoughts and beliefs, have faith that there is something beyond this material world. Some higher intelligence that gives meaning to all of this. 

Find meaningful values and let them guide you through life. Always make sure that whatever you do is in accordance with your values. That is the only way to live an honest life free of guilt. And even if everything turns into a disaster, you will remain in peace because you will know you did your best. That will give you much needed comfort and make it easier to find happiness again. 

how to be happy again

Surrender control


Do everything to the best of your abilities. Then let the situation unfold as it must unfold without the need to control the outcome. 

Try to accept the fact that you really have no control over anything that happens. If 2020 taught us anything it’s this. 

Surrender control and find comfort in your faith. This will release you of all the anguish and allow you to be happy again. 


Own your thoughts


Don’t fail to take control of the only thing you do have control over. That is your thoughts. Don’t stay with repetitive, negative thoughts, they will only bring you pain. 

Don’t compare yourself to others, minimize contact with negative and toxic people, and avoid reading too much news.

Find positive, uplifting, motivating, encouraging thoughts to fill your mind with. Your thoughts will define your reality. If your brain is steeped in positivity it will be easier to find happiness in face of adversity. 



Participate in the moment


As much as you can remain with your thoughts in the present moment. 

Leave the past in the past. Don’t relive in your thoughts what happened, it causes feelings of nostalgia and sadness. 

Future doesn’t even exist. Thinking about the future, whether positive or negative, causes feelings of anxiety. 

Participate in the moment by accepting it and finding something to be grateful for.

This moment is all you have so make sure you live it. 



Take care of your body


Take good care of your body. Life is much easier when you have good health. 

Make sure to eat as healthy as possible. Stay away from processed food as if it’s poison. Those things mess up with your brain chemistry making you physically and mentally sick. 

Exercise every day. A 30 minute walk every day and a quick stretch in the morning will make movements throughout the day much easier. Focus on your posture while sitting and walking. 

If possible go to sleep and wake up around the same time every day. 




To find true happiness you don’t have to go anywhere. By following these 8 rules you will soon be happy again.

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