Get Fit for Free With 30-Minute Full Body Online Workouts

free online workouts

There are plenty of incredible trainers offering their 30-minute full body workouts online for free. 


Maybe gyms are closed in your area, maybe you are saving or maybe you’re on a low budget at the moment or you just prefer exercising in the comfort of your home. Whatever your situation is, free online workouts are the solution. 


These workouts are fun and engaging. They are divided in categories like cardio, barre, hiit, pilates and more to meet all your fitness preferences. 


Just because something is offered to you for free it doesn’t mean that it has no value. If you approach the free workouts with the same commitment as you do the paid ones you will see the same amazing results without spending any money. 


Tips to make the most use of free online workouts

    • Put it on your schedule – Write down in your calendar days and times when you will workout. This will help you to see it as a real event not just some random thought in your head. 
    • Pick types of workouts you enjoy – Don’t force yourself to suffer through the workout you don’t enjoy. Every workout will give you the results. Fit, healthy and strong body. Find what you like and do that. It is the only way to not give up and to stick to working out regularly.
    • Pick workouts you’re good at – Choose those workouts you are naturally good at and are not too challenging. That way you will finish workout feeling confident about yourself and you will look forward to the next session. To maintain steady workout practice you need that confidence in your abilities.
    • Have a workout playlist – Music is a great motivator. Use it to your advantage. Find upbeat, fast paced tunes to push you into working harder.
    • Have a designated workout place – Minimize the amount of decisions you have to make before starting the workout. Pick a spot in your home where you will workout. For better accessibility, keep your mat, clothes and all the equipment you use in the same place, preferably near your workout spot.



Free 30-Minute Full Body Online Workouts



Cardio is an essential part of a healthy life and benefits are endless. With regular cardio workouts you will improve circulation, strengthen heart, increase lung capacity, release stress, improve sleep, receive a boost of endorphins and much more.




Alternating intense bursts of activity with short breaks will maximize the calorie burn.



Workouts inspired by ballet movements aim to increase your endurance and shape the body.



When you are just starting out you need some easy, low impact moves to first build up strength and endurance.



Dance your workout away with these fun dance workouts.



With pilates you will strengthen your core and gain better control of your movements.



Circuit workouts combine strength and cardio for ultimate fat burn and shaping of muscles.



Daily walking is linked to longevity. Walking engages all your muscles and improves circulation and aids weight loss.


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