Functional Aromatherapy Room Spray Recipes

All natural, non-toxic aromatherapy room spray recipes that will transform the atmosphere of your home.

Imagine coming home and entering an oasis of calmness and freshness. Or entering the living room you instantly get energized and inspired. And your bathroom smells clean and refreshing.

With aromatherapy room spray you can set the mood you want for every room of your home.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to heal and improve mental as well as physical well-being.

Scents activate smell receptors which send information to the brain. Depending on the information received the brain responds in various ways. It adjusts emotions, appetite, breathing pattern, heart rate, blood pressure and much more. Knowing this you can exploit this ability for your own wellness. Manipulating aroma of the room you can directly influence your emotional and physical state.

After a long research I found recipes and blends that work best for me and I hope they will be equally beneficial for you too.


Aromatherapy room spray recipe 

room spray


Making your own aromatherapy room spray is easy and affordable. It offers you endless possibilities to make oil blends tailored to your needs.

To make aromatherapy room spray you will need:

  • Spray bottle 
  • Distilled water
  • Essential oils – I like this set of essential oils. These are high quality oils, and offer a good variety if you want to experiment on your own. Otherwise you can choose tried and tested oil blends that are listed down below and purchase individual oil bottles.
  • Emulsifier (alcohol, salt, witch hazel, baking soda…)


Recipe for aromatherapy room spray with alcohol or witch hazel:

1 cup distilled water

¼ cup alcohol or witch hazel

40 drops of essential oil


Recipe for aromatherapy room spray with salt or baking soda:

1 cup distilled water

1 tbsp salt(sea, table or himalayan) or baking soda

35 drops of essential oil


Preparation is really simple. First mix together chosen emulsifiers and essential oils, then add distilled water. Mix everything and divide into spray bottles. Always shake the bottle before use.



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Aromatherapy room spray oil blends

aromatherapy essential oil blends

Functional blends for every room

Living room

Turn your living room into a mood boosting, calming and recharging oasis with bergamot, sandalwood and sage.

Orange, ylang ylang and frankincense will lift your spirits and aid your concentration and memory.



For the bedroom make a beautiful blend of sandalwood and vanilla, together they will give you relaxed and sweet dreams.

Another good bedroom blend is lavender, chamomile and sweet orange. All three oils are stress relievers, while lavender and chamomile are also calming.

Or try a blend of sage, lavender and ylang ylang to calm the mind before sleep. 

aromatherapy room spray


Work room

For a work room try an energizing and refreshing blend of lemon, rosemary, grapefruit and peppermint. It will help you stay focused and alert.

Another blend that is perfect for a work room is eucalyptus and grapefruit. Eucalyptus is clarifying while grapefruit is uplifting. Together they make a perfect work atmosphere.

For calm and focused energy bergamot, sage and basil will work wonders.



In the kitchen a combination of lemon and oregano will create a fresh and aromatic atmosphere.

Orange and peppermint will give your kitchen a fresh, citrusy smell that you will fall in love with.

aromatherapy room spray



Try eucalyptus and lemon scented aromatherapy room spray to cleanse and energize your mind and body.

During a flu season use a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, basil and tea tree oil while having a hot shower or a bath so that the steam together with essential oils opens up your airways. 

aromatherapy room spray



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Seasonal blends

Every season has its scent. Make seasonal aromatherapy room spray and immerse yourself in the current season.





aromatherapy room spray


You’ll notice I didn’t specify the amounts of oil in the blends. This is because I never use the same amounts. I always rely on my feelings when making blends. I smell each oil that I’ll be using in the blend and in the moment decide which one will be dominant and which will be subtle. And then sometimes I’ll just use the same amount of each oil. It all depends on your preferences.

That is the beauty of homemade room sprays. You are the creator.


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