10 Minute Lazy Workout You Can Do Without Getting Out Of Bed

lazy workout in bed

It will wake you up better than coffee! Full body workout you can do in just 10 minutes while still lying in bed.  


You know those first moments when you wake up and you’re not yet fully awake but you’re no more asleep either. And you reach for your phone to “see the time”. Well, how about, instead of doing the very important work of mindless scrolling (or even while you’re scrolling if that’s your thing), you squeeze in a little workout in the bed. Seriously, you won’t need to get out of bed at any moment during this workout. Just roll to your left side and begin.

Is exercising in bed effective?

Exercising in bed is an effective way of getting yourself to move your body when you’re struggling to find the time or motivation to exercise. The soft and unstable surface of the bed will make you engage more muscles than you normally would exercising on the mat while being more comfortable at the same time. 



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Full-body workout while lying down in bed 

This workout slowly progresses from the fully lying position to all fours. You’ll engage every muscle and get the blood pumping through your body. This workout will wake you up better than coffee.

Leg Circles 

Start by turning on your left side. Place your left arm under your head, bring the right hand on the bed in front of you to use it for balance. Slightly bend your left leg and extend the right leg. Adjust your body so that you feel comfortable and then begin. Engage your core, lift your right leg slightly off the bed and start making circles. Keep doing it for 60 seconds. Then slowly turn on your right side and do the same for another 60 seconds. 

Leg Pulses 

Lying on your right side in the same position as in the previous exercise lifts your left leg at a 45° angle. Engage your core and start doing small pulses with your left leg. Continue for 60 seconds. Turn on your left side and repeat the same exercise with your right leg for 60 seconds more. 

Bridge Walkout 

Come onto your back, bend your knees and lift your body in the bridge pose. Staying in the bridge, make a few small “steps” forward (away from the body) with your feet and small steps back to the starting position. Keep on “walking” for 60 seconds. 

Heel Taps 

Stay on your back with your knees bent. Lift your head and shoulders off the bed. Bending to the side reach your left heel with your left hand. Then bend to the other side and reach your right heel with your right hand. Continue the exercise for 60 seconds.


Lay on your stomach with arms stretched above your head, legs stretched straight, and toes pointing. At the same time lift your arms and legs off the bed. Hold for a moment and then slowly bring arms and legs down on the bed. Keep repeating the movement for 60 seconds.


Remain in the same position as in the previous exercise. Only this time you are alternating lifting left arm and right leg, then lifting right arm and left leg. Don’t go too fast but rather make slow and controlled movements. Feel those back muscles contracting. Keep moving for 60 seconds. 

Cobra Push-Ups 

Still in the same position, place your palms on the bed close to your body in line with the chest, elbows pointing up. Then push your upper body away from the bed until your arms are straight. And slowly come back down on the bed. Keep repeating the movement for 60 seconds.

Arm & Leg Raise

Get on all fours. Pull your belly button in and squeeze your core. At the same time stretch your right arm straight in front of you and stretch your left leg back. Keep your arm and leg lower than your body so that you don’t arch your back. Keep the position for a moment and bring your arm and leg back down. Repeat with your left arm and right leg. Do this for 60 seconds.


That’s 10 minutes of moving your whole body and engaging your every muscle. You did a one really good thing for your body without leaving the bed, it can’t be easier than that! 

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